Saturday, January 22, 2011


My Rite Aid +UPs were good through next week, but I figured while I was out anyway I'd go in and see if I could find anything of the deals left.

So I put together my list of what to look for, deals and stuff maybe on clearance, and head out.
Get to store and look in my RA coupon envelope and NO LIST!
I called out to the car for my hubby to bring my Walgreens envelope inside, thinking I must have stuck it in it, but nope, it wasn't in it, either.
(Back at home, it's not on my desk or in the floor or anywhere else that I can find, either, so who knows where it went??)

Bad thing is, I skim the deals and copy and paste anything that sounds interesting to look for in the store. I don't pay alot of attention to it at home, so when I get to the store with no list, I'm pretty much shopping without a clue.
Since I really didn't expect to find any of the more popular deals in stock, I was hoping to find some more on-the-down-low deals.
But what were those? :Shrug:

I remembered the TGIF were free after +UPs...or thought I remembered, I was worried when I found several packages in stock at a couple of the stores.
The RA TP was signed Limit 1, I guess it was one of each, but I only got a couple packages of the TP. Wasn't worth the worry if the +UPs were going to print or not.
Found a couple of the Pilot pens packages.

Otherwise, I needed some Nesquick...I had planned to go to my Publix that accepts Wags RRs and get a larger size, but I need ground beef from Publix, and I had +UPs to spend, so I just got one.
The Hershey syrup was $1.99 after 20% disc, and I got $1.00 +UP, so only .99 after +UPs. Not a bad price.
Coffee is/was on sale for $1.99 again, so free after RA printable.
And I needed milk and bread.

Yes, they're predicting another snow and/or ice event for Monday; no, that didn't have anything to do with me buying three milks and two breads. We just use alot of milk and bread, whether it's snowing out, or 99*.

I also went ahead and spent $50.00 of +UPs for a $25.00 Sears gift card and a $25.00 Lowe's gift card. I had alot of +UPs and could use the money for other things.

Used $77.00 +UPs
$1.13 + .94 tax = $2.07 oop
Rec'd $14.00 +UPs
$25.00 Sears gift card, $25.00 Lowe's Gift card
Final Total: $15.07 cost

Total Savings $120.64

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