Saturday, January 22, 2011


All but two of my RRs were expiring today...and the other two tomorrow, so I knew I had drag my fanny outta here and get me to Wags.

*This was only the third time I've left the house since Jan 9th, and the other two times was only to take or pick my kid up from school last week, when I couldn't talk someone else into doing it. The snow/ice storm just shut me down. We got over 4 inches of snow, and then it sleeted a layer on top of that. The sleet semi-melted then re-froze into a sheet of ice. You could literally step off my back porch and go ice skating down my back yard!
School was closed all week, and I loved, loved, loved not having to get up early or having to go anywhere. I took the whole week off and just laid around, read and napped and cooked, whatever.
I didn't want it to end!

By this time I didn't have alot of time to research all the deals, so I just skimmed through and picked out whatever looked good to be able to roll the RRs. I was planning to spend off at least half of them, but milk cost way too much, over $4.00, when I knew I could get it for under $3.00 at Rite Aid, so I couldn't bring myself to buy it, even if I was using drug store money.
I ended up finding alot of the FARR items in stock, so just rolling didn't require as much effort as trying to figure out something to buy.
I'd planned to buy stuff we need....but we don't need nothing. (Well, except meat, and Wags don't have that.)

$70.50 RRs Used
$2.38 + 3.15 tax = $5.53 oop
$66.50 RRs Rec'd
Final Total $9.53 cost (wow, that totally sux)
Total savings $262.36

(I only have $55.50 RRs in my envelope, so apparently I lost or didn't make it home with one of the $10.00 ones. Sux even worse!)

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