Friday, January 7, 2011

R1te A1d

Welllll shoooooot. Apparently good old Rite Aid killed the stationary +UPs deal, halfway into the second week of the thing! Since I sat and listened to Video Values for a couple of hours last night and didn't read the message board, I didn't know this today. Why do they do this crap?!?!

$10.00 +UPs Spent
-.01 + 1.13 tax = $1.12 oop
$2.00 +UPs Rec'd (Should have been $12.00!!!)
Final Total $9.12 cost!!! (Should have been .88 profit!)

I sent an email to CS, so hopefully they will mail me my $10.00 +UPs.
It's just really, really ticking me off that they do this garbage. Yeah, the wrong tags were printed - LAST WEEK! How hard could it be to *Send a Memo* telling Store Managers to yank those tags and print correct ones. One days work at most. Instead, they go almost two weeks, then kill the deal? Grrrrr!

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