Wednesday, January 5, 2011

R1te A1d

Not a big week for me at RA this week, I didn't have alot of the coupons for some of the deals, and to limit me even further I'm breaking in another card that only has a 10% disc on it.
My RA's have nothing cheaper than $2.99 on the Darice, but they hadn't restocked anyway. Also no rulers, erasers, pencils, or folders.

$6.79 Ester-C Gummies
$0.00 Ester-C Gummies BOGO
-2.00 RP 12/05 x 2
Get $2.00 +UP
= .79

$4.99 Gas-X
-4.00 SS 12/12
Get $2.00 SCR
= +1.01 profit after SCR

$2.06 (w/ 10% disc) .28z Visine at register
-2.00 in-ad Q
Get $1.00 +UP
= .94 profit

$2.06 (w/ 10% disc) Pilot pens x 14
Get $2.00 +UP/2 x 7
= .84

$1.99 Wet Ones
-1.00 IP
Get $1.00 +UP
= +.01 profit each

$.50 Spic and Span disp. gloves (the $1.00 Spic & Span items are 50% off)
-1.00/2 IP Any Spic & Span Products
*Coupon beeped for No Matching Item but the item clearly says Spic 'n' Span so they put it through.

$1.00/2 Butterfinger
-1.00/2 tearpad found at Kroger months ago
= Free

Otherwise, I indulged a little bit....and it's all Kelly's fault :-)
It started with Peppermint Almond bark....and .25 candy canes...and went downhill from there.
j/k lol

I did buy the .25 canes to try the recipe, then I saw the ($1.99) gift wrap was like .50, and who could pass that up?
Then I found some battery-operated Tiny Lights for my little Silver tree you might have seen at my other blog, they were only $.99 on sale. Can't beat that. I think I should have bought two, though!
The tree skirt was $1.24, I'm not sure it's big enough for my tree, but I have a smaller, five-foot-fakey I sometimes put up so it maybe go with it.
I liked the shiny, sparkly glass ornaments and figured out they were only $2.49 on sale, so I got two boxes of those.  The star tree topper was $1.99. I used to have one like it, but don't know what happened to it. I liked it better than the one I have now, so I got another one.
I got the one lighted Village building when I saw it was a fire station - 'cuz, you know, we're a firefighter family - it was only $3.74.  Then I got the Church one because it was pretty and my hubby's into the religion thing, so I knew he'd like it. It was only $4.49.
The cookie jars were only $2.49, I almost bought all those to give as gifts next year, but decided against it. I got myself the gingerbread house I thought would look nice on my Sweetheart cabinet next year.

The Christmas stuff totalled up to $20.96, so I spent one of my Gift-of-Savings certificates on that, making it pretty much free except for .96, since I didn't really spend anything to get the GoS to start with.

Which left a remainder of $37.56 + 3.74 tax
Used $40.00 +UPs
-2.45 + 3.74 tax = $1.29 oop
Rec'd $35.00 +UPs
SCR $2.00
Final Total: $4.29 cost

Wellness+ Savings 82.26
Coupon Savings $77.00
Total Savings $159.26

*Only gave me $15.83 towards my Resolution Reward. Which is about the $15.00 MQs I used, and I don't know where the .83 came from. I don't understand their tallying. I did pretty much the same thing last week, buying all the Darice, School stuff, and pens, and used all +UPs to pay and hit the $100 mark in (3) shops. Shrug.

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