Thursday, January 27, 2011


S'up, playas.

Well, I'm still slacking on the shopping - hard to shop when I won't leave the house - but we've made some progress around the crib lately.
The furnace went ahead and went out, so J was finally forced to fix it after I spent a day and a night here without heat because I said I'd rather freeze than call those moronic repair idiots back out here again.

Hauled a load of this and that to the women and children's charity bins for donation.

A project I wanted to tackle was to do some organizing of my stockpiles. The whole piling up bags of stuff in the laundryroom and diningroom floors really just wasn't doing it for me anymore.
The challenge was, I didn't want to spend any money on organization.
I wanted some shelving in my diningroom, but didn't want to buy anymore shelves or shelving stuff. I thought, as much CRAP as I have around here, there had got to be something I can rig up. You may or may not know we live in an old, 1930's era farmhouse, which we've been renovating every since we've moved in. I found some old wooden window shutters stacked up on the front porch that I knew would make good shelves, I just had to find something as support/dividers. First I used closed, but empty Priorty Postal mail boxes standing on their sides. Bad idea. Not as strong as they seem at first. (They do, however, make good bins for things like Tuna or muffin or cat treat packages, or a bunch of salt/pepper grinders, or bowls of Meow Mix cat food).
Anyway, I ended up using 4-pack boxes of Benevia and Celcius drinks I had stacked in my stairwell. They are working out pretty good so far!

Another project I'm picking back up on is trying to scale my book collection down. Waaayyyyy down. That project is two-fold; it's not just about scaling the size of my ridiculous book collection down, but feeding my addiction for less cost. If I can't trade for the books I want, I *will* pay more to get a book I need.
I listed about 50 more books on my account, hoping to get some (alot!) requests so I can earn some more (alot!) credits. Instead of posting books, I have been reading them, so I used up most all my credits and now I can only get one more book until I earn some more credits :-(  Not good when you've just started reading a series that has at least 9, I think, maybe more, books, and I'm only at number 3.
I've had alot of books listed for a long time that's never been requested, so I plan to take those off and take a load to the UBS sometime next week and trade them in and see if I can find anything I'm looking for there.
I still have a TON of books to list on PBS, but they are piling up waiting for someone to request them, so I've got to start rolling them on and moving them out.

My last project is the hardest one of all, and I don't see me making a whole lot of progress on. We have an enclosed upstairs front porch that I have been using as a storage room, but I want to clean out and open back up. The stuff in this room isn't stuff like out in the carport storage room: camping/sporting stuff, pool accessories, car parts, tools, etc. This is MY stuff. My craft things, Coke, Pez, and Beanie Baby collections, some of the kids old toys, alot of stuff that belonged to my other words, stuff I'm going to have a real hard, if not impossible time parting with. But since I have no basement or usable attic space, there's no where to put the stuff.
This is one of those rooms I go in and have NO idea where to start, so I turn around and walk back out.
Today, today I decided I would start at one end of the room.
I got a corner cleaned out. Which was great, until I turned around and saw I had only moved the stuff to the other corner!

Anyway, I came across a tub of movie posters. A few years ago we still had a hometown video rental store, and they would give these posters away when they put up new ones. I collected a good many of them, with the idea of hanging them in the den/play room. But I didn't ever hang them, and now the kids are grown and I plan to turn the den into more of a library, so movie posters on the wall isn't really my decorating taste anymore.
But NO WAY I can just throw these thing out! At worst I can list them on freecycle and unload them, which would probably be easiest and quickest and probably what I should do. But I got to thinking, man, I bet I could frame these and sell them on Etsy or something. Probably alot of people would still love to have one of these old movie posters to decorate their den or home theater room.
(I know they aren't *old* as in antique, but a movie ages at a much faster rate than most things.)
I probably have about 40-50 of these posters. I don't know what all titles there are, but I remember there's The Aviator, Mickey Blue Eyes, Million Dollar Baby,, my memory shut off there.

What do you think? Market for these, or no?

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