Sunday, January 30, 2011


Boy, the Tidy Cats BOGO just ain't as fun without the $2.00 peelies they always usta have.
Oh well, I had a couple of $1.00 IPs, so they were $2.74 each. Still a good price for Tidy Cats. (I'm not picky about much, but since I'm the one having to clean the litterbox, I am picky about cat litter. TC in the jugs are the only ones that seem to work good for us. Not even the TC in the bags are that great IMO.)

Finished off my New York Frozen item blinkies stocking up on more Dippin' Stix at .64 each after sale/coupon.

Found some of the .99 Aleve (apparently others caught onto this deal); used $1.25 blinkie for .26 overage each.

Had to finish off my Mahatama Rice coupons that are expiring tomorrow 1/31; they were .89, coupon doubled 1.00, .11 overage each.

Total $8.53 + .84 tax = $9.37 from Gift Card
(a $5/$25 from Rite Aid would have made it $4.37. I shore do miss those $5/$25's)
Savings $37.78

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