Saturday, January 29, 2011


Other weekends when I'm *not* looking for the Dollar-paper sellers on the street corner, there they are, looking at me driving by, all sad-eyed because I'm not buying most of their papers anymore.

But today, when I *want* to buy papers, are they anywhere to be seen? Nooooooo.

So I got into a Publix I usually have a pretty good time shopping at. I knew they had stopped taking the $5/$25 Rite Aid q, but couldn't remember if they accepted Walgreens Register Rewards or not, so I stopped by the CS to ask and she said yeah, they could take those.

I was looking for the Dippin' Sticks, they are 50% off this week, making them $1.64. I had .50 blinkie Q's found at Food Lion awhile back while doubled to $1.00, making them .64 each box.
In the main freezer case they only had the cheese ones, which we don't like, but luckily they had these four boxes out in the end-of-the-aisle freezer case. I apparently didn't pay close enough attention to the sale tag, other than the price, which said they were $1.13 on sale. 'Cool,' I thought, 'Even better. They are cheaper than the cheese ones.' Wrong.
Oh well, still worth it to me, me and Ryan eat the heck out of these things.

I wanted to use one of my $10.00 RRs to buy up some meat. We haven't had any meat in awhile and I was feeling the need to, I don't know, bite someone.
lol, j/k (I have been reading vampire books lately, lol)
I got a 3lb pack of gb at $2.69lb. for $8.07, and then they have Half-fresh picnic pork roast on sale this week for, I think it was $1.49lb.  I got about a 3lb-er for $4.87 and had the Butcher cut it in half for me to make two roasts.

The rice and Yakisoba I got for overage.
Total should have been .05 + tax, but of course I misfigured the Dippin Stix, so it was a little more.

Then the cashier informed me they weren't allowed to take the RRs, and the CS girl said she could and they argued back and forth and the cashier convinced the CS girl it was a no, so she changed her story and said that I had showed her a coupon for Listerine. I pulled out my other RRs, one of which was "Thank you from Listerine". She said she could take that one, but not the other one. I asked Why? and got a spiel about they can only take coupons for specific items. I pointed out the wording on both RRs that says ...Off Your Next Purchase, Thank You From...
I put the RR away and was just going to let it go, but at the last minute she decided to accept it since she'd told me I could use them, but in the future...blah blah blah.

Just kinda crazy to me they won't accept RR's, which are MQs they could submit and get reimbursed for, but they will take Target Q's, Rite Aid, and Walgreens IVC, which they lose money on.

Oh well. The store four miles down the road accepts RRs. I hate that store and refuse to give that Manager any of my business until it comes down to something like this. I'd pop $10 RRs in there all day long if I could, knowing he's probably stupid enough to throw them in the trash. They haven't quite made me mad enough to drive back down there EVERYDAY to spend my $10 RRs in there yet.

Final Total 2.09
Tax .44

= $2.53 from Gift Card
Saved $42.65

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