Sunday, January 30, 2011



Here's the basics: This week, Walgreens has:
Natrol Melatonin $3.00, Get $3.00 RR
$2.00 Any Natrol Product 10/10 RP

Buy Natrol, using $2.00 MQ, spend $1.00 + tax, get $3.00 RR

Then, this week/month, they also have:
Arnicare Pain Relief Gel for $5.99, Get $5.99 (6.00) RR.
$2.00 Arnicare Gel 2.6oz (.pdf file, save! you can print multiple times)

Buy Arnicare, using $2.00 MQ, spend $3.99 + tax, get $6.00 RR

If you have the Natrol coupons, you can buy the Natrol and get the $3.00 RR, then use the $3.00 RR on the Arnicare to lower your OOP expense.
If you do this,  you have to buy a "filler" item because RRs are MQs and you have to have the same amount (number of) items as you do MQs. (The filler does not have to cost as much as the RR is for.)

The cheapest thing I could find today was the Valentines gift bags priced at 8/$1 or .13 each with in-ad coupon (Wags coupons doesn't count against item count).
So my transactions looked like:

Natrol $3.00
-2.00 MQ
= 1.00 + tax
Rec'd $3.00 RR ($2.00 profit before tax)

Arnicare $5.99
Gift bag $0.29
-2.00 MQ
-3.00 RR
-0.16 Wags in-ad q
= $1.12 + tax
Rec'd $6.00 RR ($1.88 profit before tax)

I did alot of transaction between (3) stores, keeping a running total of what I actually made in profit after tax. When I made enough profit, I spent it on the Soap and Advil.

Advil $4.99, get $5 RR wyb 2
used $2.00 coupons
Paid $5.98, got $5.00 RR = .98/2
(*need filler to use $6.00 RR)

Caress/Dove soap 3/$18, get $6.00 RR (be careful to keep Unilever and Arnicare RR's separate*)

*You cannot "roll" RR's on the same item; if you get s $3.00 Natrol RR and use it to buy another Natrol, you won't get another RR back. Same with Arnicare.

$104.00 RRs Used
$20.88 + 5.52 tax = $26.40 oop
$149.00 RRs Rec'd
Final Total $18.60 Profit
Total savings $343.35

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