Sunday, January 30, 2011

Rite Aid

There is a Limit of (1) $5 +UP wyb $15 worth of participating items, so you will only get the $5 +UP once per card.
Even without the $5 +UP, though, there are still some good deals to be had. The Lay's Stax, Jerky, and Chex Mix are producing $1.00 +UPs as a monthly deal:
- The Lays Stax chips are $1.00 each, and you get a $1.00 +UP, so those are free after +UP even without the $5/$15 deal.
- Oberto Jerky is $2.50. Some bags have $1.00 MQ peelie, and there is a .50 Video Values coupon. Get $1.00 +UP, makes free after +UP.
- Chex Mix is $1.50, use .50 Video Values coupon, get $1.00 +UP, makes it free after +UP.
- The Edy's ice cream 1.5 quart is 2.99, get $2.00 +UP, so .99 each after +UP.

Dixie Plates are part of the $5/$15 deal, but it seems the Ultra ones might not be included. At the first store I bought regular plates (they didn't carry Ultra) and the $5 +UP printed fine. At the other store I bought Ultra, and no $5 +UP. Manager gave me a $5.00 gift card, though. YMMV.
Dixie items are BOGO, the plates are $3.99.
Used $3/2 Dixie Ultra video values coupon = .99/2 after coupon ($3.99 counts towards $15 deal)

Deal *does not* keep running total, must buy $15 worth all at once.

$19.99 Neurogen Pain relief gel (this is found in the pain section near the Thermacare patches at every store I went in today. There was some located with the diabetes stuff, but it was the wrong thing.)
Get $19.99 SCR. Free after SCR, if you need to change +UPs or a Gift of Savings into cash.
Used $10.00 MQ from Walgreens Diabetes & You booklet located in pharmacy of store.
= $10.00 profit after SCR

The Perfect 10 hair color is on 75% clearance at some stores; makes them $2.99 each. There is a $3.00 off coupon in one of this week's RP, making them free.

Coracidin/Afrin are both $4.99 and count towards Heart Healthy Reward (Buy $30, get $10/Buy $50 get $20)(Limit 1 Per Card)
Both are giving $4.00 +UP rewards, making them .99 each after +UP.
Even without any coupons, if you bought (11) of these, you would make $9.11 profit after Heart Healthy reward. $4.99 x 11 = $54.89; Get $44.00 +UPs for items and $20.00 +UPs for HH Reward.

Heart Healthy reward keeps running total, so you *do not* have to buy (11) all in one transaction.

There are or were both Afrin and Coricidin $2.00 IP and both $2.00 Video Values coupons, makes this deal even sweeter!!

$2.99 Colgate Total Toothpaste; Get $2.00 +UP = .99 after +UP
Also counts towards Heart Healthy, so mix and match with above.

There's a $1.00 MQ in the same Walgreens magazine as the Neurogen, makes the Colgate free after +UP.

Sundown Vitamins are BOGO and count towards $20/$100 Winter Reward.
I printed $1.00 Sundown Video Value coupons from (2) different Vv accounts, and used (2) $1.00 peelies for total of $4.00 off.
The Vitamin D are approx. $3.49, giving you a little of the overage we're not supposed to talk about. But my Dad eats Vit B Complex, and they were $4.49, so I got 2/.49 for him, rather than more Vit D's we'll never use.

On the same note, he asked me to keep an eye out for any deals on the CQ10 vitamins, which are also BOGO this week.
I didn't make it out last week to get the good Buy $30, get $16 +UP deal (wouldn't have mattered anyway, they never stock more than (2) of any bottle at a time near as I can tell).
I only found (3) bottles of the 30mg priced at $13.49 or $12.99 between (4) stores (one of them sold me one at half price).
Used $5.00 MQ; paid $1.49-1.74 each.

There are still a few more deals I haven't even gotten to do yet like AMO Complete $7.99, free after SCR and maybe Gillette Razor, and I didn't even try to look at makeup today.

Final Totals:
$72.98 +UPs Used
$80.00 GoS Used
$2.87 + 13.68 tax = $16.55 from gift card
$134.00 +UPs Rec'd
$119.94 SCR
= $84.41 Profit

Total Savings $669.27


Earthy Mama said...

If you go back out- look for Natural Instincts clearanced to 75% off. The regular kind is 8.99 = $2.24 and the grey cover up kind is 6.99= $1.74
There is a 2/1 in-ad coupon and a 2/1 mq (one in yesterday's p&g) and one in the 12/26 p&g (but it expires today)

Melissa said...

Thanks, I just saw those were on clearance today, too.

Saw some Nice & Easy were clearanced, too at $1.99. There was a $2.00 q right beside the Perfect 10, last week's paper I think.