Monday, January 3, 2011

R1te A1d Coupons

I've had a bit of the case of the Don't-Wannas in, don't wanna go shopping out in the cold.  I am going to be ticked at myself later because I let $18.00 worth of CV$ coupons go to waste by not going today :-(

However, I justify that because the closest CV$ to me is about 25 miles, and the next closest to that one is another 10 or so. Probably not $18 worth of gas, but still, long ways to go just for some toothbrushes and Excedrin's I don't even need.

Spend $10 Get $5 ECB wyb these Listerine, Rembrandt or Reach products: Limit 2
Reach Total Care toothbrush 1-2pk, or floss $3
Reach Total Care + Whitening Toothbrush B1G1F up to $4.99 (4/30/11) V 10/10/2010
reach total care toothbrush $2/1 that i found on a tearpad
$2/1 Reach Total Care Plus Whitening Dental Floss - 10-10-10 RP, exp 4-30-11

Buy 8 TBs, use (4) BOGO q's and (4) $2.00 off Tearpad q's
Pay $4.00; Get $10.00 = $6.00 MM
Buy 7 floss, use (7) $2.00 insert q's
Pay $7.00; Get $10.00 = $3.00 MM

Spend $20 Get $10 ECB wyb any Excedrin Products Limit 1
Excedrin PM Product, 20 ct+ $2.50 (6/1/11) SS 12/5/2010
Buy 4 at $5.00 each - $2.50 MQ x 4
Pay $10.00; Get $10.00 ECBs = Free after ECBs

Get $7 ECB wyb any (2) Revlon Cosmetics or Beauty Tools Limit 1
Look for smoothing board, nail clips, files, etc priced around $2.99-3.49 = mm or free

(I have 2 cards, and planned to split the deals into circa $25 and $20 deals, and use a $5/$25 and a $4/$20 on each. For a total of $18.00 extra.)

On the other hand, still ticked because had I gotten together my R1te A1d, Publ1x, and F00d L10n deals earlier, doing more shops would have made a trip worth it.

Especially F00d L10n: They currently have Excedrin on sale for $1.99. There is a $2.50 MQ in the 12/5 (SS?RP?), and also I found a tearpad for $2.50 off Excedrin PM 20ct. or more at R1te A1d. 
One poster reported they were able to get the overage, and buying 10 at a time gave $5.10 overage, which she used to buy meat and milk. I seriously need to buy some meat, so this would be great.

Oh well. The day wasn't a complete waste. I did get through sorting out some more of my old/expired coupons/inserts, got a start on filing the misc. ones (peelies, tearpads, magazine, etc), and got some chores done around the house, too.

Anyway. Did you all get your new MyR1teA1d pdf coupons?
There is a new $2.00 off the coffee, which is on sale for $1.99 until (I forgot when), for free coffee. Q's

Still....$18.00 wasted, Waaaaahhhhh!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link! I wasn't aware of the pdf coupons, helps out as fillers getting the coffee.

I do wonder how long I will be able to Riteaid since it is more work watching the VV to get the 4/20. Don't ask how many accounts I have LOL. I do mulitask while watching the videos so it's not all bad.


Melissa said...

Yeah, no joke on the Video values....I leave alot of money on the table because of those things.

I won't ask how many accounts you have if you won't ask me, LOL.
However, I only have like 1.5 Video values accounts. I'll wind up and watch them on the first account, but start losing steam so only watch them as needed on the other one.