Saturday, January 22, 2011


My ol' man needed some socks (bought him some at Christmas and instead of trying on a pair to see if they fit, he goes and tears the package open and throws them all in the laundry - leading me to assume they are fine, fit, and he likes them...Wrong!) Anyway, I had gotten the $25 Sears gift card at Rite Aid, so we went to K-Mart to get some socks.

He also wanted some thick, woolen socks so we ended up in the Hunting dept. where they had some things on clearance. He found a couple pair of the socks he wanted, and a pair of neoprine gloves he's been wanting for work.

Me, I found cinnamon scented pine cones and twigs. Ugh. I live in Georgia, and I'm buying pinecones and twigs? Seriously??
I swore I wasn't going to buy any more junk (that I didn't need to buy to be a MM or roll drug store money) to bring into this house even if was 90% off.
But I am a slave to cinnamon scented, and they were only .59 cents.
I didn't even take them out of the package, and just sat them on top of the heat vent. Mmmmm. Smells soooo good.

I also bought a set of 3 Wilton Christmas cutters for .39, but didn't make it home with them. Oh well, not worth going back so far for. Maybe I'll see if my son that lives down there will go by and see if they put them behind the counter.

I shop KMart so rarely, I don't know anything about the Loyalty card they gave me, but I just get it scanned before I shop like they told me to.
So I handed it to the guy and he asks if I had just gotten it (there was a girl at the front door trying to give them to people), I said no, I've had it a long time.
So he asks do I want to use my points on it. I'm like, what points? Use 'em how?
He scanned it said I had .82 on it and did I want to use it. Sure, I say.
But looking at my receipt I don't see .82 taken off anywhere, and it says my point balance is 1,256, which I only earned like 426 points tonight, so apparently the 800+ points that was on there is still on there.

Then register binged and a screen lit up saying I had won a prize.
At the end of my receipt I had gotten a coupon for a free 20oz. Coke.
Pretty cool, I guess.

Total $26.56 + 1.86 tax = $28.42
- $25.00 Gift card
= $3.42 oop

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