Monday, August 10, 2009


(Charcoal not pictured)

Had to go to my Mom's today, so planned a stop by Publix on the way home again. Same one as usual...the 2nd favorite one that takes Food Lion coupons. After the past couple of days I was liking this place alot better than before.

$7.99 Charcoal x 2
-4.00 6/28 RP x 2
-3.00 FLip x 2
= .99 x 2

$2.31 Pork
$2.04 Pork
-6.00 IP q x 2
= +7.65 overage

$1.69 KC Masterpiece x 2
-1.69 Free wyb charcoal Tearpad q's x 2
-1.00/2 FLip
= +1.00 overage

$.99 Hamburger Helper x 3
-.75/3 IP q

$1.49 Lean Pockets x 4
-1.00 5/17 SS
=.49 x 4

$2.29 Bush's Grilling Beans (No coupons)

.01 Pizza

Total Value Before Coupons: $39.62
Total Spent: -.19 + .82 tax = .63

I got in the checkout lane and unloaded my items onto the belt. The cashier girl greeted me and seemed nice enough, but then she said "Just a minute" and turned to talk to the CS Staff person who was working the next register. They conversed lowly for a moment, and then she went to talk to another CS Staff person, who went to the CS Desk and next thing I heard them call someone whose name I couldn't hear clearly to the front.
Meantime, cashier comes back to the register and proceeds to make us wait longer, not saying why, just that it'd be a minute. I asked was anything wrong, but I guess she didn't hear me.

Then, for no apparent reason, she started ringing up my groceries. I gave her my coupons and she started entering/scanning those, too. I'm not sure why, she entered my Pork coupons as Competitor coupons. Strange.
The last one beeped, I'm not sure if it was because I had more coupons than items or if because I went into the negative. She turned and told the CS Staffer behind her that she needed an over-ride. The message was relayed to the other CS Staffer, and once again the person they'd paged up front before was paged again.

Turned out it was Eric, the store manager. He smile and greeted me, and she showed him the coupon, and he entered his code so she could enter the coupon (as a competitor coupon again...I don't know why?). He asked if she had already entered the others and she said she had, so he was going to go and she asked him to wait a minute. He said oh yes, it'll do it again...but it wasn't doing anything again. I paid her and she gave me my change and we all smiled and said Goodbye, good evening.
But as I was leaving I turned and looked back and she had my coupons spread out on the counter and I heard her say she wanted to make sure (something) was okay, and I heard him say that it was.

I don't know what she was questioning. I've used the pork coupons since March, coupled with charcoal and usually another item coupon and there's never been a problem. Or at least not any problem they've told me. But obviously something has come up or has been said about it, for her to have called him to the front as soon as she saw me.

I felt really guilty, and don't even know what I've done wrong.

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Earthy Mama said...

If they didn't say anything to you, I wouldn't even sweat it. There's nothing wrong with your transactions, everything you did was legal and the coupons you used were legal.
Sorry about the weird-factor!