Saturday, August 15, 2009

Saturday Shopping

Usually the day I go get my Sunday papers, but didn't today. Guess I will see if if I can find any Kroger deals with the new Mega event tomorrow and get them tomorrow.

I wasn't going out at all today, but at some point it dawned on me I had $11 OYNO Kroger coupons that were on the verge of expiring. Actually some of them had already expired but I wanted to try to use them anyway. They were only one/two days expired.

But first, I went to Walmart. My condom coupons were expiring today and I didn't to waste them.$1.97 Durex 3-pk Condoms x 3
-2.00 any Durex 6/28 SS
= +.03 overage x 3

$0.62 Mighty Dog food x 5
-1.00 7/26 SS (I told him it was .62 but the register showed up $1.00 so he just passed the $1.00 through on each one.)
= +.38 overage x 5

$0.97 Adams Flea Collar x 3
-3.00 5/17 RP & Parade
= +2.03 overage x 3

$1.00 Dentek Floss picks
-1.00 IP Q
= Free

$2.97 Glade 2oz. Soy Candle
-2.97 8/09 SS
= Free

$3.78 Ziplock Vaccuum Kit x 2
$2.84 Ziplock Vaccuum Refill Bags
-3.78 8/9 SS x 2
-1.00 8/9 SS

$1.46 Tortilla shells (no coupon)
$0.64 Chili Seasoning x 2 (no coupons)
$0.88 Birthday cards x 2 (no coupons)

Total Before Coupons: $33.63
Total Paid: $1.10 + 2.24 Tax = $3.34

Then I went to Kroger, and did another Kellogg's "Fuel for School" rebate deal and got a couple of other things to add up to the $11.00 I needed to be able to spend my ONYO catalina coupons.
$2.50 Keebler Cookies x 2
-1.00/2 8/02 Kelloggs Insert

$2.50 Eggo Waffle/French Toast/Pancake x 4
-1.00/2 8/02 Kelloggs Insert x 2
-4.00/4 Kroger Deal

$2.50 Rice Krispie Treats x 2
$2.50 Kelloggs Fruit Snacks x 2
-1.00/2 8/02 Kelloggs Insert x 2
-4.00/4 Kroger Deal

$0.42 Bananas
-2.00 wyb Eggo "Fuel for School" booklet
= +1.58 overage

$0.94 Grapes
-2.00 wyb Eggo "Fuel for School" booklet
= +1.06 overage

$0.78 Bread
-2.00 wyb Rice Kripsy Treats "Fuel for School"
= +1.22 overage

$0.78 Bread
-2.00 wyb Fruit Snacks "Fuel for School"
= +1.22 overage

$1.99 Chocolate Milk
-2.00 wyb Keebler Cookies "Fuel for School"
= +.01 overage

$1.88 Kroger frozen French Fries
$1.88 Kroger frozen Tater Rounds
$1.19 Ball Pickling Mix

Total Before Sale/Coupons: $34.86
Total Spent: $0.86 + 1.05 tax = $1.91

*The OYNO Catalina coupons I had were actually money I had spent and had gotten back, so they weren't like "Free" money, so I should probably count them in the total spent here.
*12.91 - $10.00 Fuel for School rebate = $2.91 oop

Lastly I stopped in at Rite Aid. I am so tired of Rite Aid, I want to stop doing the deals, I don't know why I keep going. They barely stock more than one or two of an item so I have to chase around from store to store to find the stuff, and can't get a $25 order together. It's such a hassle. $5.00 Aero-3 Shoe Inserts x 3
-2.00 Peelie Q
=3.00 each
($10.00 SCR wyb (3))

$2.30 Sally Hansen Nail Polish
$2.30 Sally Hansen Nail Polish
$1.15 Sally Hansen Nail Polish (50% off the 2nd one)
-1.00 8/02 RP x 3
(Qualify for some cheap free Glam bag)

$0.99 Carefree pantiliners
-1.00 coupon from some magazine I don't know
= +.01 overage

$0.50 Mentos x 4
-0.55 Mentos x 4
= +.20 overage

-$5.00/$25.00 RA q

Total before Coupons: $23.74 (I had also had a couple of Renu solutions but the register wouldn't take the coupons so I had her take them off. The total was more than $25.00 before those were taken off.)
Total Spent: $6.54 + 1.58 tax = $8.12

*Get back $10.00 SCR = $1.88 profit


Earthy Mama said...

awesome deals! I hadn't looked at Rite Aid this week yet, but DH needs those shoe inserts so I better get myself over there! :) We have several RA's near me and I usually have good luck at them. One is better than the other, but that one runs out of the good deals faster. of course!

Melissa said...

I have one Rite Aid right here in town. There's 1-2 others in any town I go shopping in, but the next closest is 20 miles away.
It don't seem matter when I go, Sunday morning or the last night, they don't have but 1 or 2 items stocked at any of them.

I wanted to get the inserts for my DH, too, is the only reason I kept trying this week.