Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Something A Little Different Today

I canned some tomatoes today...only 2 quarts, but only so many tomatoes get ripe at one time. If I try to wait for more to ripen, the first ones are rotten by then. So I decided to start canning the things even if it's only 1 quart at a time. That's a pot of soup or chili this winter, and not a bunch of wasted, rotten tomatoes.

The other day I canned some pickles from some cukes John had brought home from his partners' garden. 1 quart, 3 pints, and a smaller jar I don't know the size of.
He brought home some more from the fire station yesterday that should be good for a couple more jars. I just need to go get the pickling stuff from Walmart.

One of the Cherry cobblers I made with the Free cherries I got from Food Lion last week. The firefighters love these and gobble them up. (Yikes, don't look...I need to clean around my stove eyes!)

One of my "haffa cakes" made with Free cupcake mix from Food Lion, and Free powdered sugar fudge icing from Publix (sugar/koolaid deal).

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