Saturday, August 1, 2009

Saturday Shopping

Set out this morning to get my weekly newspapers and do a couple of Publix shops. Took my middle son with me to help me out and keep me company (and drive, hehehe).

Our first shop was weird. We got exactly the same thing each: 10 boxes of Poptarts and 1 bag of cornmeal. We went in separate lines, each using the exact same coupons:
My Transaction:
$2.79 cornmeal
$2.39 poptarts bogo x 5
-.55 cornmeal q
-.55 x 10 poptarts q
-.75 x 10 poptarts Target q
+0.00 Regular Tax
+0.14 Food Tax

His Transaction:
$2.79 cornmeal
$2.39 poptarts bogo x 5
-.55 cornmeal q
-.55 x 10 poptarts q
-.75 x 10 poptarts Target q
+-.14 Regular Tax
+0.19 Food Tax

His was -.14 regular tax, and .19 food tax. He didn't get anything that should have charged - or given credit - for regular tax. Then his food tax was higher than mine, but his oop lower.
Very strange.

Next we got the newspapers, then proceeded to the nother Publix...which was an adventurous trip. Saw the most beautiful house I loved so much burnt up (suspected arson...sickening!), and a dog, 2 horses/mules, and an old man and his wife nearly splattered like road kill. Whew!

At this Publix I'd hoped to be able to buy the Kellogg's Cereal Straws, on bogo this week, same as the cereal. I have plenty of cereal, but the kids like those straw things. Unfortunately it turned out the coupons didn't include those, so I just got more cereal.

I started out with only the cereal, Velveeta shells and cheese, and Starbucks ice cream. My balance was $3.30 at that point.
However, my pre-coupon total was up over $30.00, so I thought, if I did a charcoal deal I could get it over $50.00 and be able to use my $5/$50 Publix coupon from the Family Reunion booklet out a couple months ago.
I hadn't been going to because my kid was hungry and I was trying to hurry up, but he encouraged me to go ahead and do it. It was good to do!

$3.99 Kelloggs Cereal BOGO x 4
-1.00/2 RP 8/02
-1.00/1 FLip x 2
=.50 each box

$1.99 Velveeta Shells-n-Cheese BOGO x 2
-1.50/2 IP mq
=.49 each box

$3.59 Starbucks Ice Cream x 4
-2.00 mq
-2.00 FLip
=+.41 overage each

$9.49 Kingsford Charcoal
-4.00 mq

$2.54 Pork; Boston Butt Roast
-6.00 IP mq
=+3.46 overage

$2.16 Beef; Cube Steak
-2.00 FL tearpad

$1.69 KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce
-1.69 mq tearpad

-$5.00/$50.00 Publix coupon, Family Reunion booklet

Value of Items Before Coupons: $50.18
Value After Coupons: $0.49 + $1.25 tax = $1.74 oop


Earthy Mama said...

Great job on throwing in the "charcoal deal" to get the oop down! I love it!!

Melissa said...

Yea it was twice as much stuff, and paid less than half than I was going to have to to start with. It still awes me the way that works.

I got a little over a pound roast for my pork. I was looking for ground pork, and the butcher said he could get me some. So he was cutting some meat to grind and I asked if that was like roast meat. He said it was, and that the roast was on sale for $1.79 this week. So I said well can I have a pound of that instead?

I wonder what, if anything, will be left after a day in the crockpot? lol