Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Rite Aid

I was trying to phase out Rite Aid from my shopping ventures, because I don't really like putting out cash and having to wait for a check to come later. And most of the stuff I get at Rite Aid is absolutely nothing I need or use.

Well I was toting around a check from last month's rebates for a couple of weeks, intending to deposit in my bank account and forget about it.
But then I saw I could make such a big profit buying all that stuff this week, I broke down and decided I'd go ahead and "roll" the check, like I do ECBs and RRs. As long as I'm not having to spend more oop, and making a profit, then I guess it's ok.

I copied Jenny from Southern Savers scenarios exactly because I didn't feel bothered to try to make up any of my own deals.

I got scenario #1 today. I'll work on another one when I go to Publix Friday or Saturday, but I think I'm going to have to come up with an alternative plan, just in case, because they were out of the Wart Remover, and I'm afraid they won't get any in before the deal is over.

$8.99 Natrol Probiotic
$4.99 Zantac 150
$9.99 Renu Multiplus 2-pack
$2.19 Werther's Candy (Probably the wrong ones; have to exchange)
= $26.16
-$5.00 $5/$25 RA IP Q
-$3.00 Natrol product
-$3.00 Zantac
-$1.00 Renu
-$0.55 Wethers candy
= $13.61 + $1.75 tax = $15.36

$9.99 Renu
$2.99 Werthers
$8.99 Natrol
$4.99 Zantac
= $26.96 ($13.35 profit/$11.60 profit after tax)

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