Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Rite Aid (Monday)

My first stop today was the same Rite Aid I'd ended at the other day, when I couldn't use 2 coupons on BOGO razors.

Today the Store Manager who was running the register wouldn't let me use the $5.00 in-ad coupon stacked with the $4.00 newspaper coupon. She said the in-ad coupon was a manufacturer coupon and you can't use two manufacturer coupons on one item. (Even though it tells you right on the coupon to look for manufacturer coupons in the Sunday paper.)

So I told her to cancel the whole thing, got my coupons back, and went on down the road.

At the next Rite Aid, I found my items to complete the Zyrtec scenario #2, and had no problem with using both coupons...and was checked out again by the Store Manager.
However, the $5/$25 coupon wouldn't scan and she told me she couldn't take it if it wouldn't scan, said she couldn't push it through. I said, oh. The other Rite Aids do. She said she didn't know how they did it. I said I didn't either, they mash a button on the register.
So she mashed a button on the register and put in the coupon, so I guess she knew how they did it afterall, hm.

I swan, people just want to give me a hard time for some reason!

$18.99 Zyrtec 30ct
$ 2.50 Kotex Tampons
$ 2.49 Colgate Total

-5.00/$25 Rite Aid IP
-5.00 Zyrtec in-ad q
-4.00 Zyrtec RP 8/23
-1.50 Kotex "Reinventing Beauty" CVS magazine
-1.00 Colgate Home Mailer paper
=7.48 + 1.68 tax = $9.16

SCRs: $2.00 Kotex, $2.49 Colgate, (Two-thirds of)$25.00 Zyrtec & $10.00 GC

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