Saturday, August 22, 2009


Stopped in at Target looking for a couple of deals. I'm really gun-shy with Target, all the trouble I constantly have there, so I don't go often. The deals really aren't worth the hassle, especially when they mess you up and you don't end up really getting deals anyway.

I went in the line of a teenage boy, and he was scanning/entering my coupons. The All coupons he had to press a button to push it through, I'm not sure why as there was no overage involved, and the Twix he had to enter the price of the candy.
Things were going along fine then a Team Leader came over and stuck her nose in, I'm not sure why. Right about the time she showed up was as the Crystal Light 3-pack drink mix beeped for overage. He probably would have sent it on through otherwise. (Which wouldn't have been wrong; they were manufacturer coupons, Target will get reimbursed the full amount of the coupon.)

Anyway, the TL says they can't accept the coupon because it's for more than the value of the item. So I pull out my printed Target Corporate Coupon Policy and show her where it says "we can adjust the value of the coupon to equal the price of the item".
But she STILL said no, they can't. Their Corporate policy is to not accept coupons for more than the price of the item.
I said that is not true, but she ignored me and said "We can't take any of these" and deleted all the coupons the boy had already scanned off. Even though the only coupons that would have needed adjusting was the Crystal Light ones.

Standing there in line I called Corporate on my cellphone. Worked my way through "Press 1 or 2 or Argh!!" I kept pressing "0" until I got a live person, and then he didn't speak English.
It sounded like he kept repeating something about, 'they can't give cash back and have to adjust the value of the coupon is the reason for that'. I told him they were refusing to adjust the amount of the coupon, and were refusing the coupon altogether.
Eventually I hung up on him.

I finished checking out and went to Guest Services and asked for a Manager and the "LOD" (Leader on Duty) came up and I explained to her that I had this copy of Corporate policy, and that the Team Leader still refused to accept the coupon.
She asked me if I wanted to get the Crystal Lights, and I said No, I just wanted to be able to come in here and shop and not be given such a hard time all the time. It's everytime I come in there they want to argue and fuss and treat me badly about my coupons.

So she apologized and offered again to sell me the Crystal Lights using my coupons, so I said ok then, and went and got them.
She said that she would revisit the issue with her cashiers.
But it wasn't the cashier that did it, but the Team Leader.

At that time I hadn't realized yet the Team Leader had screwed me out of all those other coupons.

$1.92 Renuzit x 2
-1.00 7/19 SS
(also had $1.00 Target IP coupon but they didn't count it. Didn't tell me they couldn't or weren't going to, just didn't, and threw the coupon in the drawer)
=0.92 x 2

$1.02 All-Small-Mighty 2-load x 9
-1.00 8/02 RP x 8 (I had 9 coupons, but they only scanned 8)
=1.18 total/9

$2.00 Kellogg's Cinnabon bars
-1.00 IP q
(also had .50 Target IP coupon they also didn't take off)

$.64 Twix candy bar x 3
-.64 8/02 RP Target BOGO Q
-.64 B2G1 Twix Tearpad Q
(They were going to make me choose which coupon I wanted to use but by this time I was so frustrated and aggravated that I yelled at her, "NOW you're telling me you don't stack Target and manufacturer coupons anymore either?!?!?" I think I scared her and she just gave it to me even though she probably would have liked to keep arguing it.)
= .64/3

Total $4.66 + 1.01 tax = $5.67 oop
(No, that's not a good deal anyway, because it should have been $1.32. I used my coupons correctly and should have gotten the deal I was expecting.)


christa said...

So sorry about your Target experience. What I am always struggling with is how do I leave my emotions at the door. You are just trying to get a few deals and then with an experience like that you feel rattled for a good part of the day. Guess that's the risk we all take shopping at the non-coupon friendly stores such as Target and others.

Thanks for listing your deals.


Earthy Mama said...

ugh- you're right and that sucks. I hate when I get the runaround like that (usually at Wal-Mart or Target.) I would totally go back and point out all the ways they screwed you and ask for it to be corrected, or that you'll just return it all. Sorry! (I had my Adams coupons refused at Wal-Mart last week as well. But then I went back Friday and they took them. *sigh*)

Leandrea said...

Oh my gosh! Sometimes the fight is not worth it. I had trouble at Kroger on Sunday and was grumpy them entire rest of the day. I hope your Target trip didn't ruin your entire day!

Melissa said...

Me, too, Christa...I always tell myself to just remain calm and if I can't convince them I am doing right, then just pay and go to the CS desk and get it straightened out there.
But turns out I get upset when they are wrong, but tell me I am wrong.

Brandy, it's too far a drive to go back just for this. I don't go down there but about once a week, and by then the coupons will be gone and I wouldn't be able to prove it. And you know in their eyes everyone's a Liar and a Thief.
I did write to Corp, for all the fat lotta good it'll do.

Yep, I hold grudges, too Leandra, lol. Luckily I had much better shops after Target, so my mood improved vastly.

Well, until I got to Rite Aid. But by then I was just so tired I'm not sure I cared that much anymore, lol.