Sunday, August 23, 2009

Rite Aid

Wanted to do Jenny's Southern Savers Zyrtec deal this week. Since we have a Rite Aid here in town...not one of the more coupon friendly ones, but this deal didn't seem like it'd be any trouble as far as coupon overage or anything...I went and did Scenario #1 today:

$18.99 Zyrtec 30ct
$ 2.99 Tylenol 8hr. 24ct
$ 2.50 Kotex pads

(I didn't get the B1G1 Tridents because I was too lazy to mess with signing up and printing the coupon)
= $24.48 + 1.71 tax = $26.19
- 5.00/25.00 RA q (I tried to use the $5/$20 q but it wouldn't scan so since my total was over $25 including tax I gave her a $5/$25 one. It wouldn't scan either. She entered it manually and had to have a Manager's Approval. He gave the approval, but then was looking at my receipt and coupons. He didn't say anything, but who knows what he might have imagined I did wrong, and what kind of surprise I'll get next time I go in.)
- 5.00 Zyrtec in-ad q
- 4.00 Zyrtec
- 1.00 Kotex
- 2.00 Tylenol 8/23 (This one beeped as no matching item but she typed it in.)

Total $7.48 + 1.71 tax = $9.19 OOP
SCRs: $2.00 Tylenol, (Half of)$2.00 Kotex, (Third of)$25.00 Zyrtec & $10.00 GC

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