Friday, July 31, 2009


(2 Transactions combined)

$2.39 BOGO Poptarts x 8
-1.00/2 MQ 6/07 RP x 8
-.75 Target IP Q x 16
=Free + .11 overage x 8

$.85 Publix Powdered/Brown Sugar x 20
-2.00 MQ 6/21 SS x 20
=Free + 1.15 overage x 20

$.20 Koolaid x 200
(No Coupons)
=$.20 x 200

$3.59 Starbucks Ice Cream x 3
-2.00 MQ 6/21 SS x 3
-2.00 Food Lion IP Q x 3
=Free + .41 overage x 3

$1.79 J&J First Aid Tape x 9
$1.47 J&J First Aid Kit
$3.89 Neosporin Cream
$1.99 J&J First Aid Gauze

-5.00 Publix Green Adv. Flyer Q x 4
-$3.00/2 J&J First Aid Blinkie Q x 4
-1.00 J&J Red Cross MQ 5/17 RP x 3
-1.00 Neosporin MQ
=Free + 12.54 overage

$2.25 Milk
-4.00 Free wyb $100 groceries IP Q
=1.75 overage

$2.49 1/2 gal. Chocolate Milk
-3.75 Free wyb White Milk IP Q
=1.26 overage

$9.49 Charcoal x 2
-4.00 MQ 6/28 RP x 2
=5.49 x 2

$1.56 Ground Pork x 2
-6.00 IP MQ x 2
=8.88 overage

$2.51 Ground beef
$2.64 Ground beef

-3.00 MQ Tearpad x 2
=.85 overage

$1.69 KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce x 2
-1.69 MQ 5/10 RP x 2
= FREE x 2

$2.99 Reynolds Foil x 2
-1.00 Summertime Savings booklet hanging on 2ltr. drinks at Food Lion x 2
=1.99 x 2

$1.49 Reach Floss x 3
-1.00 Publix Q "Smart Summertime Savings" booklet
-0.50 MQ/IP Q (doubled) x 3
=.51 overage x 3

$1.39 Apple & Eve Drinkboxes x 7
-1.00 "Smart Summertime Savings" Publix booklet x 7
-0.50 "Greenwise" Publix magazine (doubled) x 7
=.61 overage x 7

Total Items Before Coupons: $184.92
Total After Coupons: -$2.33 + 5.52 tax = $3.19


Earthy Mama said...

AWESOME shopping trip!!! I am totally rofl at all the kool-aid hehehehe

oh, and also, wow! Did they give you overage on the free milk q's? That's crazy! Usually they enter the amount of the item.

Melissa said...

I had a discussion yesterday with the Store Manager and one of the Assistant Managers, and it came up about them not accepting IP coupons for "free" items, so I showed them the Milk wyb $100 coupon and asked if that was considered "free". They weren't sure but since it required purchasing something else they decided they'd take maybe one per transaction or day or whatever, until it could be checked out.

So I went to check out and that Asst. Manager was ringing me up and the coupon scanned $4.00 for the white milk and $3.75 for the chocolate milk.
It did that also the other day at another Publix, but they removed it and manually entered the cost of the milks.
I told the Asst. Manager the coupon had rang up too much but he said that's okay.

So hopefully it's like any other coupon that gives overage and they'll get reimbursed for the full amount of the coupon.

Melissa said...

LOL re: the Koolaid. Everyone kept asking was there a big sale they were missing, or what was I going to do with all that Koolaid.
I was like, I don't know, but I have to buy it - I have coupons for it! lol

BTW, I think you jinxed me on the sugar. They ran out of powdered sugar at both stores, so I to get browns, lol.

Melissa said...

*had* to get browns.

Earthy Mama said...

LOL! well, maybe you can make some cookies. :) I knew that sometimes on those free coupons the full price automatically showed up, but hadn't heard of these doing that. Cool! :)