Monday, July 27, 2009

CVS & Walmart

Had to go up to Rome today to take Kev to his PT, so I went into the (4) CVS's around the area looking for the free school supplies. They had some of the stuff: one had this, another had that, and so on.

Those index card cases will be great for carrying coupons in. Not ALL the coupons, but like the ones I get together each week for a sale at Publix or Kroger or like that.

Everything was free after ECBs and I used ECBs to pay.

We rode up to Walmart so I could check on the Free-After-Rebate Weather Station things I'd read about on of the blogs (can't remember which), and was able to find them.
They are Bushnell Weather FX5 5-Day Weather Forecasters. Sale priced at $50.00, and there's a $50.00 mail-in rebate. Walmart had the rebate form taped to the packages and a sign hung up saying Free After Rebate.

After rebate they'll have cost me $3.50 each for the tax, but the guys I give them to for Christmas will think I spent alot of money on them, lol. (well, I did spend it...they don't have to know I got it back do they?? LOL)

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