Thursday, July 23, 2009


Super Kroger trip today! I messed up my cypherings again today, but it was a case of a coupon I forgot to subtract, so my total was less than I was expecting.

The cashier, Tracy, was great, knew what she was doing, didn't tell me they couldn't accept "CVS coupons" when I used my mfr. q's from the Reinventing Beauty magazine. In fact she asked where I found them and said she needed to get some of them to use herself.

After my check-out was complete and she was giving me my Catalina coupons, she kept the $10.00 Amp Gift Card one and asked me for the gift card I had and went ahead and added the $10.00 it for me right there.

11 Philly Cream Cheese $.79 each (Mega Sale price)
(-$1.00 Philly Cream Cheese mfr. q Publix Grape magazine x 11)
12 Vitaminwater10 $.50 each (Mega Sale price)
(.50 (doubled) mfr. q CVS Reinventing Beauty magazine x 12)
10 Kroger 3-minute Pizza $.49 each (Mega Sale price)
10 Amp Energy Drinks $1.00 each (Mega Sale price)
3 Lady Speed Stick $1.00 (Mega Sale price)
(-1.50 IP Q x 3)
2 Softsoap $1.00 each (Mega Sale price)
(-1.00 IP Q x 2)
2 Crunch'n'Clean $1.99 (Mega Sale price)
(2.00 IP Q x 2)
5 Crest toothpaste $1.00 (10/$10 sale)
(-.50 (doubled) 06-07-09 PG & -$.75/1 PG eSaver LOAD TO CARD)(I forgot about this one)(Still doesn't tally up right for me)
2 Kroger Chocolate milk $1.99 each
2 Kroger medium eggs $.59 each
1 Kroger bread $.78

Value before Mega Sale and Coupons: $73.69
Value after Mega Sale: $48.69
Value after Coupons: $8.44
Final Total: $8.44 + $1.37 tax = $9.81

Paid with $10.00 Gift Card from last Amp deal.
Received another $10.00 Gift Card from Amp.


Earthy Mama said...

WOO HOO!! I am jealous about your prices- almost all our things are more expensive. Cream cheese is $.99, Crunch N Cleans are $2xx, etc. But the speedsticks are $.88 this week (not on mega). I am sad I missed that RIB q! Is it in the mag that's currently at CVS? Or an older one?

Melissa said...

I'm not sure what month the RIB was. The CVS out by the Food Lion used to put the coupons out on the rack, I guess they were out of magazines that had expired?
I would grab a couple/few whenever I went.
But the rest of these disappeared fast and they haven't put anymore out lately. Unless they have and someone else is grabbing them all.

Stinks about your prices being more than here.

I saw the .88 Speed Stick but they were like 1.something ounce, but my coupon said it was for....the larger size. (My CRS is acting up tonight.)