Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I tried a new Publix today, in another city. I had asked their coupon rules and was glad to learn they still take the drug store competitor coupons (Rite Aid $5/$25). Was not happy when they said they adjust down mfr. coupons and didn't give overage. I argued it briefly - Publix does get reimbursed the full amount of the coupon - but the CS person said "We don't. We cross out the amount on the coupon and write the price on there". At that point I said "HmMm" and left. Learned a long time ago you can't argue with ignorance.

I decided to shop there anyway, just not taking any of my mfr. coupons that give me overage.

Turned out I had some coupons worth more than the item because of an in-store special. I decided to go ahead and try buying two of the item, to see if I'd get the overage. At worst I'd get them free.
However, I didn't have any trouble getting the overage on the mfr. coupons.

Otherwise, I had overage from mfr. coupons stacked with Publix coupons, which has never even been a question before. And the first two transactions I did, they still weren't.

The third transaction, I had bought 2 Raid bug sprays, one at $3.89, the other at $4.49. I had $2.00 off mfr. coupons, and $2.00 off Publix coupons. The cashier adjusted the Publix coupon down to $1.89 (on both of them, even though the 2nd Raid was over $4.00).

I had also bought two J&J Red Cross items and Bandaids, using a $3.00/2 J&J mfr. coupon and a $1.00 Bandaids mfr. coupon. Then I had the $5 wyb (3) items Publix coupon, and she started figuring out how much the items cost, minus the coupons I'd used, and marked out the $5.00 on the coupon and changed it to $2.something.
I said no, wait a minute, just forget it. She said I'd still get them free...But that's not the point.

A CS manager tried to explain they can't give money back on a coupon, and I tried to explain what they are doing is discriminating against coupon users.
My point is, if I come in and buy these items and spend cash, I get the whole Publix coupon amount.
If I come in and buy these items and write a check - which my bank will reimburse them for - I get the whole Publix coupon amount.
If I come in and buy the items and spend coupons - which the manufacturer will not only reimburse Publix for, but an additional .08 handling - they don't feel I should get the whole Publix coupon amount.

Oh, and EVERY other Publix in the southeast - the other 5 or 6 that I shop at, and all the ones the other Southern Savers shop at - are ALL wrong. They aren't supposed to be giving coupon overage. This store said so.

(3) 12-packs Coke
(2) 12-packs Dr. Pepper
(6) Raid Ant/Hornet/Flying Insect Sprays
(4) Buitoni Refrigerated Noodles
(1) Dole Sliced Pineapples
(2) Bandaid
(4) J&J Gauze Pads/Rolls
(4) Jenny-O Turkey Burger Patties
(4) boxes Special K cereal
(2) Hawiian Punchs
(4) Chef-Boy-R-Dee canned pasta
(5) Dannon Dan-O-Nino Dairy snack
(1) Land O' Frost Turkey sandwich meat
(1) Publix Grape Jelly
(1) Publix flour
(2) Bananas

Total Value of Items: $114.37
Total Spent: $16.68

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