Monday, July 20, 2009

Food Lion (Again)

(Hehe, I'm copying Brandy's deals and titles.) Kevin had a PT appt. today so John came along and I dumped them out at the office and I went coupon shopping.

Went to CVS, but got nothing. I wanted to get the notebooks on sale this week, because I use alot of them for my family genealogy info and photo/scrapbooking project holders. But one CVS was out, and the other never got any in and said they wouldn't be getting any in because of the store's classification.
I asked for a raincheck, and they were going to give me one, then the (Manager?) said it wouldn't print ECBs after Tuesday, and that they were Corporate printed and the stores had no way of printing the Extra Bucks. (I must have "Stupid" wrote across my forehead or something, at all the lies these store people tell me all the time.)

Made one last trip to Food Lion, well, for this sale period. I'll be going back up that way on Thursday. Hopefully Brandy will have found me some more stuff to get for free, lol.
$10.13 Cherries (-8.12 Advantage Buy & $2.00/5.00 Produce FLip) $0.01/2.03lb.
$.79 Dole Sliced Pineapple (-1.00 Guiding Stars FLip) $.21 Overage
$1.00 Duncan Hines Cupcake Mix (-1.00 Duncan Hines FLip) Free
$.99 Healthy Accents Alcohol (-1.00 Healthy Accents FLip) $.01 Overage
$1.95 Home 360 Garbage bags (-.46 Advantage Buy & -1.00 Home 360 FLip) $.49
$1.47 Vinegar (no coupons)
Total $1.91


Earthy Mama said...

LOL!! I'm going to get some garbage bags tomorrow myself!
The good thing is that the Home 360 and Healthy Accents q's don't expire for a bit. Unfortunately my new favorite Duncan Hines FLip expires tomorrow :( I've been getting one a day I think.

Melissa said...

Yes I'm sad about the Duncan Hines coupon, too. But maybe they will replace it with something as good tomorrow.