Friday, July 17, 2009

Staples, CVS

We were a bit early for my son's PT this morning so I thought I'd pop in at Staples and get a couple more packs for 1 cent pencils.

I found Staples brand DVD-R's, 100 count, on sale for $19.98. Usually I pay nearly $40.00 for that amount of DVD-R's.
I really needed DVD+R's, but they were out of those, so I just bought the other ones and later I will take them back and exchange them.

After PT I went to CVS for more of my weekly shopping. I got 4 more of the photo books, for free. Used ECBs I already had from buying the free school supplies, and got back $7.99 for each book.
The Cheerios and razor was free after coupon, the Tylenol were a money-maker. I got the Pull Ups for about $3.99 after overage and coupon.

Using ECBs, I never spent any money at all at CVS this week. I haven't gone back and figured out how much ECBs I spent/made/lost/or profited yet.

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