Monday, July 20, 2009

Big Sunday Shopping Day


Jumped up early and got my tail to Staples for the Free (after Rewards) backpack sale. Got Ryan an HP laptop backpack on sale for $44.99. It has room for his school books and papers, plus a padded pocket area for his laptop. Before, he was still carrying his old backpack from high school and his brother's laptop bag.

Also got the Free After Rebate Pens, Mechanical pencils, Hi-liters, and battery operated pencil sharpener.

Then I did it again and got John a High Sierra backpack, $45.99 on sale 50% off this week. ($45.99 IS the 50% off price, Yikes!) He was carrying a small laptop bag that was stuffed to bulging with his school books and papers and laptop all crammed into it.

I had $18.00 Rewards from recycling ink cartridges I used.
Altogether I spent $131.53, but will get all of it except tax back in rewards and rebates.


I got CVS's Free After ECB Sale items this week: Paper Mate Pens, Pencils, Filler Paper, Memo Books, and Notebooks. Spent ECBs, got ECBs back. Probably came out even. Hope so anyway.

Also bought AAA Duracell batteries, on sale this week for $2.99, get $1.00 ECB back. I used a $1.50 Duracell coupon 7/12 RP, for a final cost of $.49 per 4-pack.

Had a CRT for $2.00 off Softsoap Ensemble and a $2.00 CVS coupon from the Reinventing Beauty magazine, so got a Refill for free.

Also got a CRT for $2.00 off 2 Gold Emblem nut products; bought 2 snack size Cashews at .99 each = FREE w/ .02 overage.

The Oreos were $1.00, filler item to bring total up to the amount of ECBs I had.

Food Lion

$8.42 Cherries (-6.33 Advantage Buy & -2.00/5.00 Produce FLip) $0.09/2.11 lb.
$0.50 Bananas (-$1.00 Guiding Stars FLip) $.50 Overage
$1.00 Duncan Hines Cupcake Mix (-1.00 Duncan Hines FLip) Free
$0.99 Healthy Accents rolled gauze (-1.00 Healthy Accents FLip) $0.01 Overage
$1.31 Home 360 Foil (-.32 Advantage Buy & -1.00 Home 360 FLip) $0.01 Overage
Total -$.37 (They gave me money back!)

*Note: I miscalculated on the bananas. The price tag I saw said they were .99/lb. It didn't even occur to me that was a pretty steep price for bananas. So I ended up getting half what I needed to. Turned out that price tag was for Organic bananas.

$9.10 Cherries (-6.84 Advantage Buy & -2.00/5.00 Produce FLip) $0.26/2.28lb.
$.62 Bananas (-1.00 Guiding Stars FLip) $.38 Overage (Still thought I got more than this.)
$1.00 Duncan Hines Cupcake Mix (-1.00 Duncan Hines FLip) Free
$.99 Healthy Accents Alcohol (-1.00 Healthy Accents FLip) $.01 Overage
$1.95 Home 360 Garbage bags (-.46 Advantage Buy & -1.00 Home 360 FLip) $.49
Total: $0.36 + 0.08 tax = $.44


I went to Kroger today looking for the Sunday paper and to conduct a bit of an experiment. I was told at another Kroger yesterday that they couldn't tkae "CVS coupons", and that my Chiquita Bites SmartSource coupons were fradulent. So I tried using them at this Kroger and had no problem.
I needed the bread and buns, and got the SoBe water because I still had a BOGO Catalina and figured I'd get them while they were $1.00.
Also did another Amp deal. A nice extra benefit for me doing all these Amp deals is that my Kroger points are adding up fast. I was able to use 100 pts. to get .10/gal off my gas yesterday, and still had 105 pts. left for next time.

$2.50 AJC Sunday paper bundle (-1.00 IP Q) $1.50/2 papers
$1.00 Vitaminwater (-.50 CVS Reinventing Beauty mfr. coupon) Free
$1.00 Chiquita Apple Bites x 2 (-1.00 IP Q) Free
$1.00 Chiquita Apple Bites x 2 (-1.00 BOGO on Pineapple Bites pkgs.)(Oh, yes I did) Free
$.99 Sobe lifewater x 2 (-.99 BOGO Catalina from a few weeks ago) .99/2
$.78 Kroger Bread x 2
$.88 Kroger Buns
$1.00 Amp x 10

Total $16.08
Spent $10.00 Amp Gift Card
Final Total $6.08 OOP

Got back another $10.00 Gift Card


$.97 Adams Flea Collar (-3.00 5/17 Parade and/or RP) $2.03 Overage
1.97 Durex 3-pk Condoms (-2.00 6/28 SS) $.03 Overage
1.00 Nestle Flavored Water (-1.00 IP Q) Free
2.17 Baby Lotion (-2.00 4/19 RP) $.17 each
3.97 Baby Wash (-2.00 4/19 RP) $1.97
24.97 Black Ink Cartridge

Total $25.16 + 2.87 tax = $28.03

*The baby wash was in the wrong place or priced wrong and I didn't realize it had rang up $3.97 until later. I'll be returning it my next trip.


Earthy Mama said...

ok, I'm dying to know how much the Durex were at Wal-Mart! Did you get overage again on the Adams?? You're killing me without the details! LOL!

Melissa said...

The Durex are $1.97 for the 3-packs, so you might get .03 overage on those.

Yep I got the whole $3.00 value on the Adams again.

I was driving back and forth trying to decide which cashier I wanted - the old and grouchy, or the young and inexperienced - finally settling on one of the new teenage boys.

I risked him calling a CSM for help when the coupon beeped, but the register asked "Valid Coupon Amount?" and he looked at the coupon and sure enough it said $3.00 on the coupon, just like on the register, so he just hit "Yes". Simple as that. Wish they were all as intelligent, lol.

Earthy Mama said...

hehe- I know what you mean about wal-mart cashiers. I always aim for the young males when possible at Wal-Mart. ESPECIALLY if there are one of the following items in my cart: tampons, pads, condoms, KY/Astroglide, etc.


My Kotex q's beeped last time I was in and the cashier (teenage guy) quickly hit the button to bypass without a word.