Saturday, July 18, 2009

Other Saturday Shopping

Not much to report here. I saw the Office Max sale way too late. By the time I got there today the highlighters were well gone, and the metal compasses had sold out just last night. I was able to get (3) plastic protractors at .05 each.

Total spent .16

Next I went to Target to look for some deals.
The strawberries weren't $1.50, but .50 for a pound of strawberries seemed ok so I was going to get a package of those.

The Taylor Farms cut veggies broccoli/cauliflower wasn't $1.00, so I wasn't getting that at all. We don't eat veggies enough that I wasn't sure that'd go to waste, so free was the only way I wanted it.

Then I wanted to get Pepperidge Farms hamburger/hot dog buns, and realized I hadn't brought my manu. coupon.

So I gave up and left without buying anything.

Also went into Walmart but wasn't able to find anything I was looking for.

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