Friday, July 17, 2009

More Amp

Thursday we had to make a trip to Lagrange to my hubby's college, so I stopped in a couple of Krogers down there and on the way back. Scored 40 Amp, total cost of $2.80, which was the tax.

Had a Doctor's appt. this morning, so stopped by Kroger while I was out and scored 30 more Amp, total cost $2.10 (Tax).


Earthy Mama said...

I am hating our 9% sales tax right now. So jealous of the 5% in GA. (where we used to live) ps love your little Amp pyramid! LOL

Melissa said...

It's actually 7% here, with SPLOST taxes added on. I would really hate 9%. That's almost a tenth of every dollar you spend. Shew.

(My addition up there may be wrong. It was .70 for every 10 cans I bought.)