Saturday, July 11, 2009

July 11th

Got my 10 papers today. Only did a little shop at one Publix and that was more about getting some coupon magazines than actual shopping.
Only thing was, this Publix still has the Sarah Lee Sweet Pies on sale for BOGO $3.39, and I had some more $1.00 coupons, which makes them about .70 each. I have about a dozen of these in the freezer, and didn't really need anymore, but hated to not get them while they were so cheap. So I only got four.

And then I could have gotten them free using the overage from a J&J deal, but then I decided I didn't want to waste my coupons because I need the overage next week when I try to get a cheap gas card.

So I spent $2.98 on the pies...and then didn't even make it home with them. We stopped by my hubby's fire station and he put them in the freezer, telling the firefighters on duty there today they could have two of them. Him and his partner will eat the other tomorrow.

I've worked on my Charcoal deal today, trying to figure out how I could work it to get the overage, but I just don't have enough coupons. The best I've been able to do is about .33 overage. That's counting my $5/$25 coupon, so if I do anymore than one deal in a transaction, I'm going in the hole.

I need to pull my other q's I know have overage and see if I can make any deals with them.

I didn't make it to CVS tonight to get a jump on next weeks deals. J had me working on our house remodeling with him. So I guess I'll get rainchecks if they're out of the stuff.


Earthy Mama said...

See if you have any $2/1 Tylenol q's- Tylenol extra strength, Tylenol arthritis (and maybe? Tylenol pm) are on advantage buy for $3.48 and there's also a $2/1 Publixq in the Summertime Savings booklets (did you find those?)

Melissa said...

I got some $2/1 from the 5/17 RP, but they apparently didn't give us anymore in the 6/21 SS, as shown on HCW.

I didn't know they were on Advantage buy sale....I looked the other day and saw the smallest bottle cost $3.85.
I will look again for the sale ones.

I did find some of the Smart Summertime Savings, the Summer Savings, and Nothing Geos to Waist books. And a couple of the Greenwise and Grape magazines, but that was it. No Family or Rewards and Fire Up the Grill.