Tuesday, July 14, 2009

1st Food Lion Shop

and CVS...

We drove up to Calhoun to the Tech College to get a book for my hubby's class, and as we were driving along he said "There's a CVS" so I said "Well, stop!". LOL.

I found the school scissors and a bottle of Tylenol, but that was all, but I got rainchecks, so that was good.

Then we came back down to Rome and went to the fartherest CVS out there. They had the 1-subject notebooks and glue. At that point I was like, I'm not even going to worry about this stuff anymore, and started to just put it back, but then I was like, No, it's free, I can't not get free, can I? John was laughing at me, but said he guessed not. But I didn't even ask for any rainchecks.

I went to kiosk and put in my photo cd to make my photo books, but the thing said I had no pictures on my disk. It was old and beat up looking; the cashier said it sometimes won't load the pictures, they didn't know what was wrong with it.

So we went to a nice, new CVS down the street and the kiosk read my disk fine. I made my book and ordered 4 copies.
While I waiting for the boy to make the books, I saw they had the Papermate pens in stock so I got those. They were completely free because apparently that CVS, when you have no balance, doesn't make you pay any tax.
Same thing with my photo books. I paid with my $7.99 from yesterday, and the balance was $0.00. I bought the four books in separate orders, using the ECB from the prior sale, so I ended up not spending so much as a real penny in there today.
I like it!

I especially like those FREE photo books! I did books of our pictures from our trip to Niagara Falls a couple of weeks ago. They turned out nice, if I do say so meself.

After reading Brandy (Earthy Mama's) blog, I decided to take the plunge and try a Food Lion shop, since I was going to be right by one today.
I think our Food Lion might be a smaller, maybe privately owned, I'm not sure what, but surely all Food Lion's aren't like this store, small and fairly run down. This store kind of reminds me of the Warehouse Groceries or the Cost Plus stores that moved in when the big chain grocery stores - Food Giant and Winn Dixie - moved out.

Anyway, I found the tuna display, but the coupons were cleaned out.
Our Duncan Hines cake mixes weren't marked 5/$5.00, so I don't know if they were on sale or not, but I found a box of cupcake mix that was 5/$5.00, so I got it.

I also had the $1.00 off Home 360 and Healthy Accents coupons, so we looked for something to buy. I had a printout of stuff Jenny had posted at Southern Savers, but I was afraid to try for .99 stuff, with a $1.00 coupon, since alot of people had been posting recently that the registers are beeping.
Most everything else they had for more than a dollar, I didn't need and didn't want to pay anything for. Ok, maybe a couple of cents, but not .19 or .29 or more.

We did find some cheap Home 360 tall white kitchen garbage bags, 15 ct., marked down to $1.49. I don't use cheap garbage bags in my kitchen but they are good for upstairs when the boys clean the food wrappers and empty drink bottles out of their dumps...I mean bedrooms...and I empty the bathroom trash. So that was worth .49 cents.

Lastly we got the Hormel Refridgerated Meals. Regular price $7.49, on sale for $3.99, and I had a couple of $2.00 off coupons, so we got them for $1.99 each.

Total Spent $4.80 including Tax.

We walked around and looked for other coupons but didn't find any. I've walked the store a few times before (never bought anything, though) but they've never had the good lot of coupons others say they are always finding at Food Lion.


Earthy Mama said...

oh yes, sorry, it was cupcake mix I got with the Duncan Hines q. oops. Glad you found it!

Melissa said...

It's good. We like cupcakes. It looks like a smaller package than cake mix, I wonder if I could make a 1-layer cake instead.

I use to buy those Jiffy cake mixes. They make a 1-layer cake and then I cut the layer in half and frost it like a regular cake, so it looks like I baked half a cake.

The first time I did that, it was hilarious, seeing the boys look at it and blink like "How'd she do that?" for a moment before they figured it out. LOL

Earthy Mama said...

hhahaha!! I can totally picture that. hehe