Thursday, July 9, 2009

July 9th

I did a small Publix shop because I had some coupons expiring and we needed some bread. Went back to one of my regular Publix, where I did the J&J/Bandaid deal for the overage without any problem at all.

$4.69 Raid bug spray (-$2.00 Mfr. q & $2.00 Publix q = .69)
$4.49 Raid bug spray (-$2.00 Mfr. q & $2.00 Publix q = .49)
$1.79 Fresh Express Salad (-1.00 Food Lion q & $1.00 Publix q = Free+)
$1.79 J&J Sterile pads x 2 (-3.00/2 blinkie q)
$1.79 J&J Sterile pads x 2 (-3.00/2 blinkie q)
$2.39 Bandaids x 2 ($1.00 Bandaids mfr. q & $5 wyb (3) items Publix q = Free+)
$1.69 Publix Wheat Bread (no coupon)
$1.25 Publix White bread (no coupon)
$1.99 Small bottle of Ranch dressing (no coupon)
$ .77 Vidalia Onion (no coupon)
$ .49 Bananas (no coupon)

Total $1.10 + $1.69 tax = $2.79 OOP

Also went in Walmart for some milk; ours still has it for $1.98 a gal.
I also found my oldest son a t-shirt on clearance for $3.00.
Got (3) Blue Bunny Choco Chip ice cream novelties at $1.00 each (-1.00 each Blue Bunny Novelty IP q)
Got Johnson's Baby Lotion $2.19, use $2.00 off q.
Dentek Floss picks 30ct. $1.00...used $1.00 off ip q.
Huggies 16ct. wipes $.97 - $1.00 Huggies Bath and Body product

Total $7.10 + .71 tax = $7.81 OOP

The Manager at the new Publix I had wanted to start shopping at called me tonight finally. I had written a letter last week after I asked the CS girl their Coupon policy and she told me the reduced mfr. coupons and didn't give overage.

This guy said he was a new Manager, had taken over just this week, and didn't know everyone, or what all was going on.

He said I was right, they weren't supposed to reduce mfr. coupons. I told him it turned out they didn't, but they did reduce my Publix coupons when I used them with other coupons and I didn't think that was right. He kind of "Hm'd" at that, but never really said anything to the effect of whether it was right or not, but he apologized for that happening to me, and thanked me for bringing the situation to his attention.

He asked what other Publix's I shopped at and I told him and he was like, Wow. But apparently he wants me to come back and shop at his because he said he looked forward to seeing me when I come back in, and that I should ask for him.

So maybe I got a new Publix where I can save more like I used to again.

I have also done some CVS'ing this week, but I'm not done yet, so I'll post that later.

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