Friday, July 24, 2009

Ingles...Blegh! & Walmart

Ingles is/was tripling coupons this week. But you have to spend $10.00 and then they'll triple 3 coupons. To my math-feeble mind, that didn't sound like a real good deal. I had wrote down a few things I thought were good deals, but didn't do anything with it, and was pretty much prepared to ignore the whole thing.

Why I sat down and messed with it tonight, I have no idea. Must have been really bored, even if I didn't know it.

Turned out I was able to work up some good deals, going by what I found online. Which, of course, wasn't what I ran into at the store.
Someone had posted that Butterball Turkey lunchmeat was on sale for $1.98, and there was a $1.00 off coupon. I was loaded and ready to stock up on these, the way we go through lunchmeat. Which, of course, wasn't on sale at my Ingles.

I was able to subsitute the lunchmeat with a package of Tyson Chicken Breast Tenderloins for about .30 difference.

So my first deal was:
4 Johnson's Buddies soaps @ .98 each - $1.00 4/26 RP
1 Tyson Chicken Tenders. @ 2.29 - $1.00 6/28 SS
3 BC Warm Delights @ 3/$5.00 - .50/.50/.50 5/31 SS

Total Before Q's: $11.21

The cashier guy scanned and tripled my BC Warm Delights coupons with no problem, but then my J&J coupons beeped and wouldn't scan...which I would say was because of overage, however, the Tyson chicken coupon did the same thing.

He called the CSM over and she checked to make sure I got Tyson chicken and then manually entered the coupon.
Then she checked to see if I got J&J Baby products. First she started to say it was because the picture on the coupon was for the bottled stuff, but then she corrected herself and said that it does say "any". Then she looked at the price and saw they were .98 and decided she couldn't take a $1.00 coupon for a .98 item.
I asked couldn't she adjust it down like other stores do? She said no, if she took a $1.00 coupon for a .98 item, she would lose her job.

Guess I wore my "Stupid" sign on my forehead again tonight. I really need to remember to leave that thing at home!

I said well take them off then, so they took the soaps off, and didn't un-triple my tripled coupons, so that was okay, I still got the deal I wanted, and I can use the J&J coupons somewhere else for another deal.

Total spent for (3) BC Warm Delights and (1) package Tyson chicken tenders: $1.79 + .13 tax = $1.92

After there I went to Walmart.

Trying for the paper deal, only to find out my Walmart apparently - this week - quit stocking the 1-Giant roll of Sparkle paper towels for $1.83. Next cheapest they had was 2-Giant rolls for $3.12.

I decided to go ahead with the 8-roll package for $5.97, and 1 4-pack of Angel Soft for $1.00. $6.97 - $2.00/2 IP q = $4.97.
Then I was going to buy (2) Adams dog flea collars at .97 each, giving me about a $4.00 overage to bring the paper items down to around .97.

Only to get across the store and find someone else has come in and bought up all the flea collars! Arghh.
Back out went the paper items until I can find or they restock the collars.

I got (4) packages of Kotex panty liners at $1.00 each - Free using $1.00 off Kotex pads.

I got (3) boxes of the 3-pack Durex Condoms at $1.97 each - Free with overage after $2.00 coupon.

Didn't notice until I got home that one of the boxes was opened and the Condoms had been stolen out of it. So I accidently did Walmart a favor, using my coupon to buy it, they are going to get paid instead of taking a loss on those.

Also got (2) 6-packs of Nestle life water at $1.00 each - Free after $1.00 IP q.
(3) Blue Bunny ice cream sandwiches at $1.00 each - Free after $1.00 IP q.
(1) gallon Great Value 2% Milk at $1.98.

Total Spent: $1.89 + $.90 tax = $2.79


Earthy Mama said...

ugh- one of those days for sure- I can't believe someone stole the condoms out of the box...oh wait, it's WalMart- I guess I can. Thanks for the tip on the collars! I used three q's to get DH free beer today! :D (I couldn't find the cat ones, but the dog ones were also $.97)

Melissa said...

Did I say cat flea collars? Sorry, I meant dog. I've been buying dog ones. Didn't even think to look for cat ones, lol.

I wasn't really surprised about the condoms. The drug stores around here have signs up in the condom/pregnany test/KY row telling people they are being watched.

But last I knew of the local Health Dept. gives free condoms so I don't know why people don't go there and ask for some rather than risking jail for shoplifting.