Saturday, July 18, 2009


I didn't buy a paper today - Gasp!

The coupons didn't look that great. I printed the AJC $1.00 off coupon and will try to go to Kroger tomorrow and buy a duo-pack of papers for...$1.75?

I hope I go because I needed to print some more coupons, but my ink is out and I didn't make it to Walmart this evening. Too tarrrrred.

Today I went Krogering. I did okay, but I think I could have done alot better.
The thing was, I'm so used to the stores running out of everything I'm looking to buy at this late date in the sale, so when I stopped at the first Kroger and saw they had the stuff, I jumped on it.

I bought 13 Temptations cat treats and 8 Playtex plastic gloves. (I had more gloves but a lady came by looking for them so I gave her about half of the ones I had. Should've given her all of them.)

With the Mega Sale, I got $5.00 off for each 10 items I bought, or a total of $10.00 in this case. Which made each item .50 less than the regular or sale price.
It made the Playtex gloves .50 each, and I had $1.00 off coupons, so I got $4.00 overage on those.

With the overage I bought some Ball Pickling Mix (to make pickles from cukes), a can of Kroger Refried beans, and a package of Ole flour Tortilla shells.

Value before Mega Sale and Coupons: $31.74
Final Total: $.74 + .77 tax = $1.51 spent Gift Card
Got back (2) $1.00 OYNO Catalinas for buying Temptations.

At the next Kroger I got (9) more Temptations cat treats, alot more gloves, and some dog food and treats. Also found some AMP drinks and was able to get 10 for another AMP deal.
I had like $9.00 and change overage because of the gloves, so I got my hubby a 12-pack of the Sam Adams beer he always wants but is too expensive.

Value before Mega Sale and Coupons: $70.87
Final Total: $13.87 + 3.25 tax = $17.12
Spent $10.00 Gift Card for the Amp drinks/Spent $7.12 for beer from other Gift Card
Got back $10.00 Gift Card catalina for buying Amp.
Got back (1) $1.00 OYNO Catalinas for buying Temptations.

At the last Kroger (which I only go to because they are the only Kroger that accepts Publix coupons) I did 3 transactions to get the stuff I wanted using e-coupons:

(After Mega sale Price)
$ .79 Sunny D x 3 (-.55 SS 5/31)
$1.99 Hartz dog treats (-$2.00 IP q)
$ .49 Quaker Quakes x 10 (-.55 Publix Q, Back to School Yellow Advantage Flyer)
$1.99 Fiber One Yogurt x 3 (-1.00 SS 7/12 & -1.00 Cellfire Q)
$1.00 Rolaids 3-pack (-1.00 RP 6/07)
$1.00 Softsoap Hand soap x 2 (-1.00 IP q
$1.00 Speed Stick deodorant x 3 (-1.50 IP q)
$1.29 Chex Mix x 3(-.50 IP q & -.50 Shortcuts e-q)
$1.49 Keebler cookies x 4 (-1.00 IP q)
$ .79 Kroger Refried beans (no coupon)
$1.00 AMP drinks x 20 (no coupon)
$1.00 Chiquita Pineapple Bites x 4 (-1.00 BOGO q on the package)*

Value before Mega Sale and Coupons: $81.05
Final Total: $22.90 + 2.30 tax = $25.20 ($5.20 total minus the AMP drinks)
Spent $10.00 Gift Card for the Amp drinks x 2
Got back $10.00 Gift Card catalina for buying Amp.

*Note: Final total should have been $2.00 cheaper, but the Coupon-ignorant Manager at this store trains his cashiers to assume every coupon is a fraud, and they can't tell the difference between a printable and a smartsource printable, so she told me my Chiquita coupons were fraudulent - her exact word.)

*Note: I had another deal I'd planned to do, but couldn't, because the Manager of this Kroger is AN IDIOT.
I have several .50 off Vitaminwater Manufacturer coupons I got from the CVS Reinventing Beauty magazine ads, which I wanted to use at Kroger because they'll double.
With the Mega sale this week, Vitaminwaters are .50, so that would give me .50 overage on each one. Which I was going to use to buy the 3-minute Kroger pizzas, mega sale priced this week for .49 each.

But the cashier told me they couldn't take CVS coupons. Rather than argiung with her, I spoke to the Manager of the store. I already had an idea he was an idiot from a previous conversation, but hoped that he at least knew the difference between manu. and store coupons.
I told him what the cashier told me, reiterating that they weren't CVS coupons, but manu. coupons. Pointed out where it said Manufacturer Coupon, and that it had the barcode that starts with a "5". He listened to me, and looked at the coupons, and then shook his head and said that they could only take grocery store coupons like Ingles or Publix. They couldn't take CVS coupons.

You ever want to just bang your head against a brick wall - or better yet, someone else's?
What a dumbbutt.

Scored 30 more free Amp drinks (wish they had this deal with vitamin water instead)

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