Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Found some $5/$20 q's posted this morning...but they expired today, so hopefully some more will come out, like tonight, because I didn't get finished shopping today.

I'll work on my figures later, but some deals I bought were:

$6.99 Thermacare Menstrual
-3.00 IP Q
Get $5.00 ECB wyb (2)
= $2.98/2

$8.99 Zantac
-2.00 MQ
Get $3.00 ECB
= $3.99

$2.50 Colgate Total
-1.00 RIB magazine MQ
Get $2.00 ECB wyb (2)
= $1.00/2

$4.99 Softsoap Body Wash
- .75 IP Q
Get $4.00 ECB
= $0.24

$2.99 Mennen Speed Stick or Lady Speed Stick (limit 2)
-1.00 RIB magazine MQ
Get $3.00 ECB wyb (2)
= $0.98/2

$1.50 PowerBar Gel Blasts
Get $1.50 ECB
= Free after ECB

$0.88 Gold Emblem Candy
-1.00/2 CRT from Red Machine
= $0.76/2

$0.99 Almond Snacks
-1.00 RIB magazine CVSq
= +.01

*ETA Totals:
Card 1:
Value of Items: $48.80
ECBs Spent: $20.98
Cash Spent: $1.07 + 2.45 tax = $3.52 oop
ECBs Earned: $26.50
Final Total: +$2.00 profit

Card 2:
Value of Items: $48.80
ECBs Spent: $20.98
Cash Spent: $5.74 + 2.72 tax = $8.46 oop (high oop because hateful cow wouldn't let me use $5/$20 on my 2nd transaction)
ECBs Earned: $21.50
Final Total: $7.94 cost

Card 3:
Value of Items: $21.09
ECBs Spent: $10.98
Cash Spent: $0.35 + 1.39 tax = $1.74 oop
ECBs Earned: $11.50
Final Total: $1.22 cost


Ashley B said...

I have never left a comment on your blog before but I have been reading yours for a few months. I found you from the Southern Savers Friday round-up. I have come to the conclusion that you are my Coupon Superstar. I think it is hilarious what you walk out of the store with and have paid pennies! I am pretty good at this game but no where in your league.
Thanks- Ashley

Melissa said...

Hey Ashley, Thanks for posting.

I think I have an advantage over many of my coupon-shopping friends in that I don't have small children so I don't have to buy diapers and formula and such. I'm sure I wouldn't do as well if I had to worry about that kind of stuff.

It helps that I don't need 99% of what I buy, so I look for profit stuff first, then free stuff, and can pass on some stuff that may be a good price, but paying anything isn't a great deal if I don't need I'm sure that makes my spending look better, too.

If I needed something, or could get into re-selling, I would spend more than I do.

Except I'm not doing so well this week because I've got a case of burn-out :-(