Sunday, March 28, 2010

Food Lion

I got the right TB dinners this time, they rang up $4.49 and 4.48 before the card scanned....still only $1.00 OYNO.

Can't complain, oop was only .18 cents, and then got the $1.00 OYNO.
I didn't get another $3/$25 cat, though, so it wouldn't be as good a deal next time if I did it again, since I can't figure out how to get the $3.00 OYNO.

(It actually ended up being .63 oop because I had to buy a candy bar to donate to the local Little League.)

$4.49 Taco Bell dinner kit
$4.48 Taco Bell dinner kit
$4.39 Snuggle x 3
$1.55 Uncle Ben's rice x 2
$2.87 Ground Chuck
= $28.11

*The Taco Bell dinner kits are on sale 3/$5
*The Snuggle is on sale for $2.99
*Uncle Ben's Rice on sale for $1.00 each
*Ground Chuck on sale for 1.77lb; mine was $2.11 MVP price

-3.00/25.00 Catalina
-1.00 Uncle Ben's Rice MQ x 2
-3.00 Snuggle MQ 3/28 RP x 3
-2.00 Ground Beef wyb (2) Taco Bell kits Tearpad
-1.00 Catalina Taco Bell

Total -.60 + .78 = $0.18 + .45 candybar donation for Little League = .63 oop


Earthy Mama said...

I can't figure it out either. Get this- I bought the EXACT same two you did and got a $2 oyno. Then I bought 2 of the soft shell kits for $4.49/ea and didn't get a cat at all, so I turned around and returned those two! My fave cashier was there and she said it's totally random! lol

Melissa said...

That's so crazy. And irritating.

But it makes for cheap Ground Beef for us carnivores, lol.

If it's random, guess I'll keep trying. I thought it was something logical, and I just couldn't figure out the right way to do it.