Saturday, March 13, 2010


My Kroger shop stunk. Why did I think the Nature Bounty were on BOGO until 3/27? Well, they ain't. Since it's Saturday night and they were already pulling down price tags to put up the new ones for tomorrow, I thought they were still on BOGO this week :-(

Oh well, I'll take the vitamins back for a refund later.

The California Kitchen Pizza was free, I won it in the March to Savings game. Price came right off with no problem.

The CoffeeMate Sticks are $1.03 at Kroger right now, so when you use the .50 MQ from whatever insert it was, it's only $0.03, and then I got a BOGO Catalina, so next time I will get 2 for $0.03.
If it's the same as Food Lion, the next Catalina I get after that will be a B2GO, so I will get 3 for $0.06.
I actually have a couple of those catalina coupons from Food Lion, but stupid Kroger won't take them, even though they are Manufacturer coupons, stupid Kroger says they are Competitor coupons. Dumb Kroger.

The 14-day Prevacid costs $10.99. I loaded a $10.00 ecoupon from, and used a $10.00 MQ from the Parade magazine insert. Got $1.01 overage on that.

The Fruit Shapes were $1.79 each, and I had (2) $.50 (doubled to 1.00) MQs. I also had .50/2 Shortcuts and Cellfire q's loaded, but they didn't come off. I don't think that's because I used paper q's, because I used a paper q with the Prevacid and that ecoupon came off fine. But otherwise I don't know why neither one wouldn't have come off.

I did get my $3.50 OYNO Catalina surprise-surpise-glory-hallelujah!

Value of Items $46.91
Total Spent $11.44 + 2.44 tax = $13.88 oop

(I plan to get $19.48 + tax back for the Vitamins)(They may laugh me out the door)


Earthy Mama said...

return them without receipt. :)

Melissa said...

O, good idea. What do I say?