Sunday, March 14, 2010


I don't recommend others do this...but last week's break, I guess, was worth the risk to me of losing my expired RRs if they refused them today. Luckily my regular Wags is such a Fantastic store, I don't have much trouble out of them accepting my slightly expired RRs.

I had about $17.00 RRs that expired last week, and the rest expired today, so I had to unload/roll them all.
I went armed with several deal ideas, many of which didn't work out for one reason or another.
I did what I could, got a couple double-packs newspapers, my youngest son some Easy Fries, and then blew the rest on stuff for ME.

I admit it, I have been wanting a Snuggie :-% I've just been waiting for them to go on clearance. Well today I found the Snuggie for Kids, which is the size I really need anyway, orange-tagged for $11.49. So not much on sale, but I had the RRs to spend, and risked not being able to get on later if/when they got any cheaper.

I also wanted some of those battery-operated flickering candle lights, so I finally broke down and bought a package of those.
I saw a neat idea recently where a lady had remodified an old camping or railroad lantern and put one of these flickering candles in it and used it as decoration in her house. How cool!

Weekly Deals:
$4.99 Excedrin
$1.00 Excedrin
- .75 x 2 MQ
-4.00 Wags Q March book
= $0.49

*I should have gotten overage on this deal, because supposedly this week Excedrin 20-24 ct. is on sale BOGO. The bad thing about it is, there were no tags up, so I asked the cashier if they would ring up BOGO, or 2/$5.99. She took it and price-checked it and came back and said it was ringing up $4.99, so would be BOGO.
It wasn't. And probably you'll end up getting a cashier who pulls the old "well it isn't pictured in the sale paper" excuse, even though it doesn't specify certain Excedrins other than size, so be aware if you do that deal.

$3.99 Colgate Total 5.8oz
Again, no tags were up, I ended up getting the regularly priced $3.99 4oz one, so had to do a return/rebuy and get the right one.
-1.00 MQ 3/07 SS
= 2.99
Get $4.00 RR = $1.01 Profit

.89 Reeses Dark
.70 Reeses Dark
-.61 in-ad Q
-.55 x 2 MQ 3/14 SS (Yes I cut out coupons from papers I was buying in the same trans, lol)
= .06 Overage each

$0.99 x 2 Easy Fries
-1.50/2 IP Q
= .48/2

Monthly Deals:
$3.00 x 4 Oral-B 3D White Toothbrush
-3.00 x 2 BOGO MQ 3/07 PG
- .75 x 2 MQ 2/07 or 2/21 PG
= $4.50
Get $3.00 RR
= $1.50, or .38 each

$1.29 x 6 Kleenex
-2.40 in-ad Q
- .55/3 x 2 Blinkie Q
= $4.24
Get $3.00 RR
= $1.24/6, or .20 each

The Cheeseburgers were clearanced for .32 each so I got those when I needed cheap fillers that wasn't more candy. The boys already ate half of them when I got home with them...said they "Weren't bad".

Transactions: 6
Value of Items: $98.17
RRs Spent: $54.00
Cash: $5.25 + 6.07 tax = $11.32
RRs Earned: $32.00
Final Total: $33.32 Cost

Usually I'd be pitching a temper trantrum over that large of a cost, but I have $29.00 RRs, a good stake for next weeks' game, I think. I want to start trying to keep my RRs amounts down to a more managable level, which means I'm going to have to learn to start spending more of them even without reward/profit.

That cash amount is higher than I like, though. I guess with the Snuggie, newspapers, candle lights and Easy Fries I maybe got my money's worth. I don't care much about the rest of it.

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