Wednesday, March 17, 2010


(Not pictured: CVS Single-Roll Paper Towels, 6-Roll Scott Paper Towels, Toddler Wipes, Almonds Candy, Old Spice Deodorant, Old Spice Body Wash)

I had to take my MIL to the Dr. this I was leaving I remembered I would be passing a CVS, so I grabbed my shopping bag which I carry all my CVS envelopes/cards/coupons in.
I had a plan, depending on whether they had the Princess and the Frog DVD or not. If so, I was going to burn ECBs buying it. If not, I was going to burn ECBs on some other stuff.
So I go in, and head for the Red Machine to scan my cards for more Paper Towel CRTs and whatever else they might give me...and there's no CVS envelopes in my bag!!! Suddenly I remembered they were still laying on my desk where I left them when I was working on my blog last night.

Well just by some of that dumb luck I get every once in awhile, one of my CVS cards had apparently fallen out or was left out of it's envelope and was in the bag. So I scanned it and got my Paper Towels and toothbrushes CRTs.
I didn't have any ECBs, but I still had all my coupons, most of which was free or overage stuff. I got Old Spice, Toddler Wipes, Almonds candy, and Vitamins.
With the $5/$20 coupon, I was over $11.00 overage, so I went to buy another thing of beer....only to find out this CVS doesn't sell beer. So I got another jug of milk, some sandwich bags, and a 6-pack roll of Scott paper towels that was on sale for $4.99.
When my son and his GF came up last week to shop at my house, they forgot paper towels, and I forgot to get any this morning, so I just 'bought' them some with my overage. Ended up giving him the Almonds candy, wipes, and Old Spice, too, lol.

Value of Items $59.96
ECBs Used $0.00
Cash Spent $0.71 + 2.09 tax = $2.80
ECBs Earned $0.00
Total $2.80 oop


Cheap&Sweet said...

that is awesome! You left your envelope at home and still did great!

Cheap&Sweet said...

oh and I love the new look.

Melissa said...

Thanks, I was getting tired of the snow and cold.

Cheap&Sweet said...

I dont blame yoy about the snow and cold