Saturday, March 6, 2010


First stop, CVS, where I was totally off my game, but made out by some kind of dumb luck...
First transaction: I still had $12.00 ECBs to roll, and had already done this weeks deals, so I used some rainchecks I had, and tried to do the Buy $10.00 CVS Premium Facial Care Products, Get $3.00 ECB deal.

The Thermacare worked out fine, but the cashier didn't ring up the Crest at the $3.50 sale price. I still made .22 profit, so I didn't lose much, but it should have been a $4.00 profit, so that would've hurt....except the boy accidently handed me back my raincheck with my ECBs. I just stuck the ECBs, receipt, and all in the envelope, not thinking a thing about it.
So I get another chance :-)

The Premium Face Care deal didn't work out. I knew from reports on the 'net that the Acne cream worked, but I didn't want three tubes of Acne cream. So I went over to the Premium Facial Care section on the wall and shopped for some CVS knock-off Pond's cream and some kind of makeup removers, maybe also Pond's knockoffs?
So I didn't get the ECB, and my receipt showed I had only spent $3.99 towards the deal. I explained to the cashier what I was trying to do, showed him the ad, told him I got the stuff from the Premium Facial Care section, and didn't know why it didn't work. He didn't either. Maybe something I got didn't qualify for the deal? (Ya think?) So I asked if he could find out what I needed to get, or could I just get the ECB, or just return the stuff....He quickly said he'd give me the ECB, he had no problem with that.

I like Easy Boys, lol.  He also let me use my expired $5/$20 and my expired ECBs with no trouble. Why they can't just all be agreeable like that??

Value of Items: $35.19
ECBs Spent: $12.00
Cash Spent: $6.19 + 1.06 tax = $7.25 (high oop because I paid too much for the Crest Rinse)
ECBs Earned: $25.00
Final Total: +$5.75 profit

Later I stopped in at a different store to do transaction #2. I had $6.00 to roll, figured that would be ordeal enough, didn't try to use the $5/$20.
The Schick razor was $4.99 after coupon, and I got a $1.00 jar of fruit pieces. I also got free w/ RIB coupons Almonds product and CVS skincare, which actually gave me .02 overage, so I came up $0.03 under my $6.00 ECB. I asked the lady to put it in for $5.97; she wanted me to spend .33 on a caramel candy I didn't want. Finally got a manager out there to "see if they could do that". Gahhhh!

Value of Items: $12.97
ECBs Spent: $6.00
Cash Spent: $.00 + .64 tax = $0.64 oop
ECBs Earned: $3.00
Final Total: $3.64 cost


And after all that, I still had $12.00 more ECBs to roll.
I still also had to visit another Rite Aid, and the stores I wanted to go to was in the other direction past my house. So I brought my milk home, and had some lunch, and decided to look at next week's CVS sale. Because the CVS I was planning to go to starts the new sale sometime Saturday afternoon/evening. Figured I might as well kill two birds while I was having to go anyway.

Once I got there, other than the Thermacare and Post cereal, I ended up not even doing the rest of last weeks' deals. I had already did the Zantac on this card, which was the only other thing I wanted. The Schick and Colgate and Mennen deodorant all still cost some even after coupons and ECBs, and I didn't really need them, now that I had other stuff to spend my ECBs on.

(Next Week's sales)
$4.00 Oral-B Advantage Toothbrush (limit 2)
- .75 MQ 2/07 or 2/21 P&G
= $3.25
Get $4.00 ECB = $.75 profit

$3.99 Gillette Deodorant (and others) (limit 2)
-4.00/2 MQ 2/21 P&G
-Buy 1 Deodorant, Get 1 Body Wash Free MQ 2/07 or 3/07 P&G
-Buy 1 Deodorant, Get 1 Body Wash Free MQ 2/07 or 3/07 P&G
= $3.98
Get $1.00 ECB each = $1.98 cost for 2 deodorants and 2 body wash

$2.50 Kellogg's Cereal/$5.00 ECB wyb 4/$10 (limit 1)
- .70/1 Blinkie MQ x 4
= $7.20
Get $5.00 ECB = $2.70 for 4 boxes cereal, or .55 each

$0.97 Dawn Dishwashing Liquid
-1.00 MQ "Home Made Simple" Refresh Your Nest booklet
= +$0.03

The Stayfree Pads is a Monthly ECB deal. It's not advertised in the sale paper, and there wasn't any tags on the shelf at my store. I asked the boy cashier and he said, we'd just have to try it and see. We tried and my ECBs came out without any problem. I got exactly what was written on the post I got the info from..."Stayfree Pads Regular 24 ct." if any others work or not, I don't know.
$3.69 Stayfree (limit 4)
-2.00/2 MQ found in a magazine ?
-3.69 BOGO MQ RP 1/03 x 2
= $5.38
Get $2.00 ECB each = $2.62 profit on 4 pkgs.

Value of Items: $77.49
ECBs Spent: $35.00
Cash Spent: $0.38 + 4.40 tax = $4.78 oop
ECBs Earned: $28.00
Final Total: $11.78 cost
(Woulda been a little better but he wouldn't let me use the $5/$20 either, boooo)

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