Monday, March 1, 2010

Ebay Day

So I was doing some cleaning out around here, and gathered together my son's old Little League stuff that's been hanging around unused for a couple of years. Figured it'd be a good time to get rid of some stuff out of here, and make some money doing it.

I was going to sell it locally on Craigslist on account of I doubted I had a box to put it all in, and figured postage costs would be a deal breaker, plus I didn't know how much to ask for the stuff.

I scrounged around upstairs and found a big box (that's embarrassing to admit to, lol) and estimated the shipping costs online at around $17.00.  Under $20.00, not too bad, so I decided to go ahead and list it on Ebay and let people tell me how much they wanted to pay for it.

I got lots of hits and bids.  I think I might have actually gotten more had I timed it better. It ended in the afternoon right around getting-off-work time, when I think it's better to end auctions later in the evening.

It went for $46.00. After fees I cleared right about $40.00.

I was happy with least half the value of the sale was getting the stuff out of the house.

It makes me kind of sad, though, because it was my boys' things. I'm still having a hard time with parting with their stuff from when they were littler.


Cheap&Sweet said...

very cool, I have a love hate thing going with ebay. LOL I think its awesome to let stuff go, but I also know way to many ppl that hate it, so in an indirect way I know what you mean when you say its sad. I keep pictures of things. If it really means a lot to you a picture can help. I throw out all my children's stuff but if im attached to it ill take a picture that way I still have it.

Melissa said...

I know what you mean about the love-hate thing. I like that they give you (5) free listings a month now. I used to hate paying a listing fee, not knowing if my item was going to sell or not. Now, if it don't, I'm not out anything.

Ugh, I come from a line of "Keepers" (ie. pack-rats, lol) one in my family gets rid of anything. My Mom, Sister, Aunts all have full basements and attics. My Grannie's kept stuff before them. (Alot of that stuff ended up in my house when they passed.)

On top of being a "keeper", I also somehow turned out to be a "Collector". So in addition to everything I never get rid of, I gather more stuff in addition to it.

I'm just so tired of all the Stuff now. I have gotten rid of alot of stuff...ALOT of stuff.
But I am still dealing with Stuff that belonged to family or my kids.

The picture isn't helping right at the moment - it's like a reminder of something bad - but I am sure later on I will be glad I have the picture, and not all the stuff junking up the house anymore.