Sunday, March 28, 2010


Transaction 1:
Spent -.02 + .89 tax = $0.87 from Gift Card
Saved $33.86

Transaction 2:
Spent .55 + .52 tax = $1.07 from Gift Card
Saved $29.39

I wasn't intending to do large Publix shops today, mainly I went in the first one to buy newspapers because I could use RRs there.

I tried spending several Bayer aspirin and Aleve coupons that are up for expiration 3/31, but was informed I could only use (1) green flyer coupon per customer now.
This is the store where I had the trouble using the Knox coupon and realized the store had a new manager, and suspected the man was the old manager at another Publix I've driven past without stopping for the past several months because of him.

Today I found out I was right. An Assistant Manager was bagging, and I told him the other Publix stores interpret the coupons as one deal PER COUPON per customer. He nodded and said he knew, but that's what "he" said. I said, "he" used to be the manager at New Georgia, didn't he? and he said yes. I was like, I knew it. I haven't shopped there in close to a year because of him.

So on my way to Food Lion I stopped in this other Publix that I used to drive right on past every time. At the CS desk I told the girl, I heard ya'll got a new store manager, and wondered if y'all got a new coupon policy.

Get this - this store used to only accept Kroger, Ingles, and (1) Food Lion per customer per day.
Now they take all those, plus Target, Walgreens, and Rite Aid, including the $5/$20 or $5/$25 coupon.

I was right on the verge of deciding this may be my new, main store to shop again, when I asked her about the flyer coupons, and she said they take (1). I'm not sure if they also limit the Food Lion and Target q's to (1). I asked if they limited them, and she said they are counted as store coupons, so I can only use it OR a Publix q, not both. So I took that as I can use more than one, as long as I have the same number items, and not stacked with a Publix q.
So I guess I won't be doing any deals involving multiple flyer coupons there, but I'm really happy to have a Publix taking so many different competitor coupons now. At my other Publix I have to use Food Lions at one store, and Target at another store, and Walgreens at another store.

After I checked out and my total was $1.07, the cashier was complimenting my savings, and thanked me and told me to come back. I said, oh I will - now. She thought I was talking about my savings, but I said, now that you have a new store manager. She was like oh yeah. This is one is alot different from the other one. Her tone indicated that this one was better.

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