Tuesday, March 16, 2010


So I decided to try this tax-math-thing. I did my shopping like usual, where I write down the regular price, minus the coupon value, and total. Then I add all three columns, and come up with my totals. By my usual cypherings, my total was .13 plus tax.

Then I added the price of the items, and subtracted the amount of CVS coupons. Then I figured the 7% tax for non-food items, and 3% for the food items, then subtracted the amount of my ECBs from that amount, and then my manufacturer coupons. It said I still owed $20.01.
So obviously I did something wrong.

At any rate, the subtotal was .22 rather than .13, plus the $2.00 it cost me because I picked up the wrong Lint Rollers, plus $3.20 tax. I had originally figured the tax at $3.91, so I don't know if I figured wrong - which is entirely likely - or if some of the tax was reduced by my giving ECBs first.

Transaction 1:
Value of Items $88.37
ECBs Spent $15.00
Cash $2.22 + 3.20 tax = $5.42 oop
ECBs Earned $3.00
Total $17.42 cost

After the first transaction, I remembered I had forgotten to ask for a raincheck for the Degree deodorants, so I went back in.
This is another thing I always forget, when CVS has a deal where you have to buy a certain amount to get an ECB, you can buy those items at different stores, in different transactions, and they add up.
Anyway, an Associate asked if they were out, and was there anything they could substitute in place of, to make it right for me. Since I only had coupons for Degree Mens and Girls, and they don't carry Girl, I said I was specifically looking for Men's. So we went back there and there was 4 of the Men's, but I needed 6. So the very nice lady broke open one of the 2-packs to let me buy as singles, as she explained to the cashier, however the cashier still rang it up as a double pack at $5.00. Another one rang up at $2.40, don't know why.
It didn't matter, though, because they knew I was doing the Buy $15 and get $5 deal, so they manually printed the $5.00 ECB.

Transaction 2:
$2.50 x 3 Degree Deos
$2.40 Degree Deo
$5.00 Degree 2-pk deo
-3.00/2 x 3 IP qs


Total $0.90 + .69 tax = $1.59 oop
Got $5.00 ECB = $3.41 profit

(and there was only $7.50 counted towards this deal on my card limit)

Different store, different card;
Transaction 3:
Value of Items $88.45
ECBs Spent $7.00 (apparently he missed scanning the $2.00 one and only took off $5.00)
Cash $2.47 + 3.79 tax = $6.26 oop
ECBs Earned $10.00
Total $3.26 cost

Different Store, back to first card:
Transaction 4:
Value of Items $51.92
ECBs Spent $0.00
Cash $2.70 + 1.84 tax = $4.54 oop
ECBs Earned $5.00
Total +$0.46 profit

This last store used to be one of my, if not the favorite CVS store to shop at. They usually have most everything I'm looking for in stock, and I have done up to three transactions using three cards without any trouble at all.
This time I had a butthole ol' Shift Supervisor checking me out. First thing, my $5/$20 beeped. She said Hold on a minute, and went towards the back, left me standing there a good while. The other cashier checked out three people in the time I stood there.
When she came back she folded it and handed it me and said It's not taking this one.
Then she got the Old Spice coupons and said in a real hateful tone, the deodorant is two-fifty, not no four-something. I said the Degree deodorant is $2.50, the Old Spice is $4.29.
About that time the Store Manager walks up and she hands him the $5/$20 coupon and he reads it, and points out where it says "If this coupon doesn't scan, enter this code" whatever, so they try that, and it still doesn't work, so then she says well what about these, and gives him the Old Spice coupons. He says I can't use them, I have to buy one to get one free. I just shrugged and said that I've been using them fine at other stores. I said well just take those off, then.

At this point I'm still in a "whatever" mood, you know, win some, lose some, but then after I pay and am putting my stuff back into envelopes, that Shift Supervisor calls the other two cashiers over and says "I got to tell y'all something. If those coupons like that five-dollar off don't scan, we can't take 'em".
It wasn't just that she told them that, but it was the tone she was using, which I CLEARLY recognized from not 5 minutes before when she was talking to one of the other cashiers about some man that comes in and asks to use the bathroom and steals their toilet paper, and that I was still standing right there.
So I popped off with, "Whereas other, BETTER CVS Stores WILL accept THEIR OWN coupons, so I will be taking my business to THOSE stores!"
And that Shift Supervisor just had to finish it off with a snotty "Yes, Ma'am. Thank you, Ma'am."

Some of the Details: (in no certain order)
$2.50 Degree Deos x 6
-3.00/2 x 3 IP q's
= $6.00
Get $5.00 ECB wyb $15.00
= $1.00/6, or approx .17 each

$6.00 Glade Sense & Spray
$4.00 Glade Scented Oil Plugin refill
$1.49 Glade Plugin warmer
-3.00 Sense & Spray IP
-1.49 Free Plugin wyb Refill MQ 2/28 SS
-3.00 CRT from Red Machine
Get $4.00 ECB wyb $10

$2.99 Herbal Essence hair stuff
$2.99 Herbal Essence hair stuff
-1.00 MQ 3/14 SS?RP?
-2.99 BOGO 2/07 PG
Get $1.00 ECB
= $0.99 for both

$5.99 Vitamins BOGO Sale
$4.99 Vitamins BOGO Sale
Limit 6 per transaction
They way I bought mine, to preserve my $5.00 q's, I got (2) $5.99 bottles, and (4) $4.99 bottles, and used (2) $5.00 q's and (4) $3.00 q's. That gave me a total of $6.03 overage, which I used to buy $5.99 6-pack beer.

$1.29 CVS single roll paper towels
-1.00 CRT from Red Machine
= .29

$2.50 Fruitopia or Viogolvie Shampoo or Conditioner
-2.00 RIB magazine Q
= .50

Also when I scanned one of my cards at the Red Machine I got a BOGO Fruitopia CRT, and it let me use it and the $2.00 RIB in the same transaction, so I got both for .50 cents.

$2.50 Essence of Beauty Portables 12-ct. wedges
$2.50 Essence of Beauty Portables 12-ct. wedges
-2.00 RIB q (Can only use 1 per trans.)
Get 2.00 wyb (2) EoB Portables
= $1.00

$1.49 CVS Toddler Flushable Wipes
-2.00 Skincare RIB q
= +.52

$0.99 Almonds
-1.00 RIB q
= +.01

$1.34/$1.33 Izze Drinks (3/$4 sale)
- .75 IP q
= $.59/.58

All the rest of the stuff I believe I bought with overage or ECBs that were expiring and I just needed to spend.


Earthy Mama said...

Whoa!!!! Ok, I need details. I need to go to CVS tomorrow and I need some transactions like this!!! I guess the ecb worked on the beer? Awesome!

sheesh just leave me hanging.

Quentella said...

Please post details! Is the Old Spice on sale?

Melissa said...

Brandy, short answer, no, they didn't beep.

I used the vitamin overage to buy the beer, and ECBs to pay for my other stuff. But I bought it all in the same transaction so, no, ECBs didn't beep when I bought beer and used ECBs in the same transaction.

Quentella, in the 3/07 P&G insert, there are two coupons, one on top of the other, one says "Free Body Wash wyb Deodorant" and the says "Free Deodorant wyb Body Wash". They are coded for one item, so don't beep when you buy both and use two coupons.

It's one of those iffy deals, some peeps may not think it's right to use them, and some stores won't let you use them together. Out of four stores, one wouldn't let me.

Earthy Mama said...

ooh- I'm taking those Old Spice q's to Rite Aid, using enough to get $20 and then using a $5/20 for things i need. (if the good cashier is there) :)