Saturday, March 13, 2010


CVS was an even bigger disaster than Kroger. I still don't really know what happened, and am afraid to look. It's probably something really stupid, and then I'll be mad that I wasn't able to correct it while in progress.

Mainly I wasn't as prepared as I thought I was. I copied ideas from message board posts, but never actually looked at pictures of the sales ad to see what I was looking for or to verify.

The big deal I was going tonight for was to "double-dip" the Gillette deal.
Last week you got $4.00 for buying Gillette Fusion, Venus Embrace, Breeze, or Divine.
This week you get $3.00 wyb Gillette Cartridges.
So I bought those, and used a $4.00 off cartridges coupon from out of the disposables package, the Get Free Razor wyb Cartridges coupon, and also Free Body Wash wyb Shave Prep.

I got the Razor and the Body Wash free, but I only got the $4.00 ECB from last week, and not the $3.00 ECB from this week.

Now that I see it was the cartridges that didn't give the ECBs, and not the razor, I may be able to take my receipt in and ask for my ECBs.

And then otherwise I bought the Gillette disposable razors expecting a $3.00 ECB, and turned out it was only $2.00 ECB.

The Nivea was last weeks deal; $2.99 - Get $2.99 ECB. I used a $1.00 Any Nivea for $1.00 overage.

Also planned to get a couple Oral B toothbrushes, but they were OOS.

I got (2) bottles of Nature Bounty Vit C t $5.99 each, and used (2) $5.00 IP q's with no Beep.

Got a $1.00 off CVS Paper Towels from scanning my card at the red machine. CVS single roll paper towels are $1.29, so they were only .29, which I was .04 cents short of the total of ECBs I was spending, so instead of losing .04 cents, I paid .25 for a roll of paper towels.

Used a $5/$40 coupon. It beeped, but she put it through with no problem.

Value of Items $52.22
ECBs Spent $8.00
Cash Spent $0.25 + 2.82 = $3.07 oop
ECBs Earnt $8.99
Total $2.08 cost

I had also carried some of the other $/$$ coupons ($5/$30 and $4/$20), and was going to do the deal on the other two cards, but after the first one didn't work right, I just went home.

But I should have stayed and investigated it, and I BET I could have gotten that $3.00 ECB manually printed, and I could have gotten all the above free, three times, plus made a little profit. Boohoo.

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