Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I was trying to finish off the last of my Healthy Bread coupons that expire today, but they only had one loaf. Blah.

I got 2 bowls of Promise, and did NOT get a $2.00 OYNO.

Does anyone know what the deal for this one is??

Value of items $2.95
Total -.04 + .07 tax = .03 oop

This is the K that usually adjusts my coupons down, so I didn't bother looking for a filler item for the .04 cents overage on the butter.

I went to self-check, like I usually do, because I can take my time and make sure everything is going right...and the boy scans my coupons and hits total...and it's a Grand Total of 3 Cents.
The Voice says "Please select your method of payment...". I said, "Well I believe I'll pay that in cold, hard cash, Lady." LOLOL


Cheap&Sweet said...

ya I tried the butter no coupons today and did not get a OYNO coupon either. Bummer, I just returned it.

Melissa said...

Did you buy 2, or 3 or 4?

Cheap&Sweet said...

sorry Melissa, I just saw your question I bought 2 butters!

Melissa said...

Yea, 2 didn't work me either, nor did 3. Oh well, I got it free anyway.