Friday, March 12, 2010

Week 10

Well it's Friday of Week 10, and I haven't gone shopping one day this week. This little episode seems to be lasting longer than I expected.
I'm down to one jug of milk and half a loaf of bread, and still no urge to go shopping. My husband paid for a head of lettuce yesterday - at Walmart. Argh...

Earlier this week the weather turned off very nice, temps reaching up into the 60's and even low 70's. These are the kind of days we like to get outside and work around the yard and house.

J repaired a window sill under one of my son's bedroom windows that had rotted away, and I replanted my pumpkin plants.
I originally planted 9 seeds a couple weeks ago, and several sprouted, but then all but two didn't make any more progress. Don't know what happened with them. 
I transplanted the two that did turn into plants into larger pots, and planted 9 more seeds to sprout.

Tuesday was also nice, but J had to work so I had to take his Dad to get eye surgery.

Wednesday the weather turned off bad; flooding rains and lightning and thunder all day. Too nasty to get out. Not that that would have stopped me if I had wanted to get out...but I didn't.

We worked that day on replacing the ceiling in one of the upstairs bedrooms.
Or, we did until my son called a little bit after leaving school to say his car was broke down. So J had to go get him and the car. 

Yesterday's weather was also grey, dreary, off and on rainy. The boys spent the day replacing the waterpump in R's car.  I worked on sweeping up and bagging blown-insulation out of the upstairs bedroom floor that had fell out when J pulled the old ceiling down, to put back into the attic.

We live in an old 1930's farmhouse, that was remodeled into an upstairs/downstairs duplex with a garage addition, and the upstairs porch enclosed in the 1970's.  We've been working on it since we moved in about 11 years ago. My hubby calls it The Money Pit.

We haven't really put that much money into it, though. Not compared to the houses on the remodeling shows on tv.  When J works two jobs, he don't have time to work much on it (and I refuse to pay 3 times the price hiring someone to do what we can do) when he works two jobs we spend more on travel than the house.  I always preferred to take the kids and have adventures and family togetherness, than  work on a house all the time.  The house would always be there later to work on, when they are grown and living their own lives. Or it wouldn't, who cares.  I'm not especially sentimentally attached to this place.

Anyway, when J doesn't work two jobs, like he hasn't for about the past year, we don't really have the extra money to put into it.  Here lately we've been buying like 2 sheets of sheetrock every two weeks and putting it up. 

He's at work again today, and it's another rainy, nasty day.  This morning they were predicting thunderstorms, some possibly severe, but they died down as they came across the Georgia line from Alabama. We got like 2 thunders.  Tell you the truth, I was kindly disappointed it wasn't a little more exciting than that.  I'm sure I'll be regretting saying that in a couple more weeks, when it gets more into tornado season, but I do like a good thunderstorm every so often, when they aren't severe, or risk of tornadoes.

I did try looking for some shopping deals a little bit yesterday. I saw someone posted that Food Lion has Betty Crocker cake mix on sale for 10/$10, or $1.00 each.  There are .50 MQs in I think it was the 2/07 GM paper, and then there's a FLip this week for $1.00/2 BC cake mixes, so that's 2 boxes cake mix free.

But I already have like 25 boxes of cake mix and frosting, not to mention the other probably 25 or better boxes that I carried to one of my Mom's houses to store in her cabinets. So that wouldn't be worth the drive to FL for me.

They also have Kellogg's cereal on sale 3/$5.00. If you have the .70/1 Blinkie coupon, and there's a $1.00/2 FLip, it's only like .46 per box.
I have plenty of cereal at this point, too.

I did get somewhat excited to see new CVS Generic and Item coupons.  They are good until Sunday, so maybe I can get my act back together for tomorrow or the next day. Maybe tomorrow evening, I can do both week's CVS sales again, and go to Kroger and use Nature Bounty overage to get milk and bread.

If you're interested in the CVS coupons, read this post.  Be sure to read it, not just print and go, and then wonder what happened if you run into trouble.


christa said...

I haven't been into any of the deals for weeks. I think I am a little burned out and I kinda have enough stock that its not tempting to go out and grab more free toothbrushes and toothpaste.
I will try this week.

Melissa said...

I knoooowwwww whacha mean, Christa.