Thursday, March 18, 2010


Had some last ECBs to roll/spend for this week, and was finally able to get those shops done today.
The first CVS I went into didn't have the DVD I was looking for...I asked for a raincheck and the Shift Supervisor told me, "We probably won't get anymore in". Are you kidding me??

$4.29 Old Spice deo
$4.99 Old Spice BW
$0.99 Choc Covered Almonds
$3.49 Fruitopia (What happened to $2.50?)
$2.50 Viogolive
$1.49 CVS Toddler Flushable Wipes
$1.29 CVS Paper towels
$1.59 20oz. Coke
$1.59 20oz. Fanta
$5.99 Vitamins x 2 BOGO Sale
$4.99 Vitamins x 2 BOGO Sale
$4.99 Vitamins x 2 BOGO Sale
$8.99 Bud Light (Whoa, Sale! The sign on these said $11.49)
$10.00/3 Cokes
= $73.15

-5.00/30.00 CVSQ
-4.29 Old Spice BOGO MQ
-4.99 Old Spice BOGO MQ
-5.00 Vitamins x 2 IP MQ
-3.00 Vitamins x 4 IP MQ
-1.00 Paper Towels CRT
-2.00 Fruitopia RIB CVSQ
-2.00 Viogolive RIB CVSQ
-1.00 Almonds Product RIB CVSQ
-2.00 Skincare RIB CVSQ

-15.00 ECBs

Total -1.10 + 2.06 tax = .96 oop

Found the movie at another CVS across town, a brand spanking new CVS just opened. The little baggie with the CVS products and coupons was a free Grand Opening gift. Nice!

$19.99 DVD
$ 2.50 Viologie
$ 2.49 Fruitopia (I saw it ring up $3.49 this time and said it was supposed to be $2.50, and rather than price modifying he put in a $1.00 CVS coupon)
$ 4.99 Old Spice BW
$ 4.29 Old Spice deo
$ 1.50 Raisinets (filler)
= $35.77

-4.99 Old Spice BOGO MQ
-4.29 Old Spice BOGO MQ
-2.00 Viologie CVSQ
-2.00 Fruitopia CVSQ

-18.00 ECBs

Total -0.52 + 1.08 tax = $.56 oop
ECBs Earned $3.00

BTW, although I love those low oop's, it was just bad math skills and accident that they got that low, lol.


Earthy Mama said...

what's the deal with the DVD? Oh, you know there's a $5/1 DVD printable for it, right?

Melissa said...

I just wanted it, had ECBs to spend, and it gave a $3.00 ECB back so I didn't feel like I wasn't getting a deal at all.

I know now there's a $5 coupon. I didn't last night.
I thought I'd try to deal at KMart with the dvd, doll, and bandaid rebate.

Earthy Mama said...

I didn't get to KMart yet, but people are now saying KMart pulled it with the whole line "it was only meant for one market and we screwed up, blahblahblah" and it will no longer scan at the registers. darnit.

I may still TRY it. I haven't decided.

Earthy Mama said...

Also- GREAT movie!! I adored it.

Melissa said...

I haven't watched it yet, but it was one I just had to have on account of, you know, my last name...I married a frog, lol.