Saturday, March 27, 2010

Food Lion

This week Food Lion has Post cereals on BOGO sale...$3.41 at my local store. A couple weeks ago Publix had Post cereal on BOGO sale and I got an assortment of Golden Crisps, Honeycomb, and Pebbles. Well, we went thru the Golden Crisps in like, a day. Not really a day, but pretty quick. We love those things.
I usually wouldn't pay so much for cereal, but I guess I will these.
I used $2.00/3 MQ from the 2/28 SS (I think), making them $1.04 per box (I think).

The Food Lion Simply Living cereal was Free...Food Lion added it to my card when I texted the word to the number.

The Taco Bell deal I messed up on. It's a catalina deal where you get OYNO money based on the purchase price. I can't remember the exactly amounts, but for $8.00 or more, you get a $3.00 OYNO.
The Taco Bell dinner kits are on sale 3/$5, but if you get two of the kits that are priced like $4.49 or 3/$13.47 regular price....and don't scan your Food Lion card until after your items are rung up...then you should be able to make the $8.00 mark.

Welllll, I had a box of 12 soft shells and a box of 12 hard shells dinner kits in my buggy, then I rounded a corner and on the end cap was dinner kits with 6 hard and 6 soft shells plus the Kool-aid packets. No price, but surely they would be $4.00+ before the sale, right? Wrong!
They rung up $2.99 before BBUY sale. Dagnabit!

I did get a $1.00 OYNO catalina, so at least I know the deal works at my store, and next time I can get the right things.

IF you can work the deal right, the first purchase should look like:
$4.48 dinner kit
$4.48 dinner kit
-5.64 Taco Bell BBUY
= $3.32 + tax (.09 in GA) = $3.41
Get $3.00 OYNO catalina

Next time, $3.41 - 3.00 OYNO = $0.41
Rinse and repeat.

The cashier gave me a $2.00 off Ground Beef wyb (2) Taco Bell dinner kits coupon. Pretty stupid to have it at the register, when I'm checking out, with no ground beef.

Value of Items $32.78
Spent $7.53 + .47 tax = $8.00 oop
Rec'd $1.00 OYNO = $7.00 oop

I also received a $3.00 OYNO $25.00 catalina. Using that will involve trying to get the cashier to scan my coupons before they scan my card, something I haven't been very lucky at doing. I dig in my purse to stall for time, but they will wait on me to find it before scanning my coupons most of the time. Not sure why, it doesn't make any difference at that point.


Cheap&Sweet said...

I hate you have a problem with that, I tell them straight up that Its easier to scan my card after my coupons, and they are just like ok. I would tell them to show you their policy that you have to give them the card first. Id be a bitch if I had to! lol be willing to walk out!

Cheap&Sweet said...

Haha and I had the problem today! A different one but still, lol
glad you did good! check my blog for free dog food!