Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Deals (Non-Mega-Sale)
$1.00 Reese's King Size
$1.49 20oz. Coke
-1.00 Reese's March into Savings Game Winner
-1.00 wyb King Size Reese's and 20oz. Coke Tearpad mq
= .49

$0.99 Healthy Life Bread
-0.99 (.50 doubled) 1/03 SS
= Free

$1.00 Pure Bar
-1.00 IP q
= Free

$0.50 Snickers Bars x 2
-1.00/2 (.50 doubled) 2/21 RP
= Free

$1.03 Coffee Mate x 2
-1.00 (.50 doubled) 2/07 RP ?
-1.03 BOGO Catalina
= .03/2

$0.77 Suave Lavender flavor clearance
-1.00 (.50 doubled) 3/14 SS
= +.23

$10.99 Prevacid
- 6.00 MQ Parade March 2010
- 6.00 Kroger e-coupon
= +1.01 overage

Deals (Mega-Sale)
$1.99 Wesson Canola Oil
-1.00 Conagra Booklet
= .99

$0.49 BumbleBee Tuna x 6
-1.00/2 SS 2/21
= +.01 each

$1.00 Scotch Foam Squares Stickup things
-1.00 (.50 doubled) Printables/mpp's
= Free

$0.50 Scotch-Brite Sponges
-1.00/2 Printables/mpp's
= Free

$0.99 Kraft Shredded Cheese x 4
-2.00/2 Blinkie
-BOGO Blinkie
= .47/4
(I was experimenting w/ the BOGO q to see if it took off the original retail price of $3.49, or the sale price $1.49...it was the sale price)

$1.29 Lunchables
-1.00 3/21 SS
= .29

$0.49 Wheat Bread Manager's Special
$0.49 Hot Dog Buns Manager's Special
$0.79 5lb. potatoes Manager's Special
$0.69 onion
$0.52 bananas
$1.08 cabbage
$2.29 boneless chicken tenders

Value before coupons $64.79
Total $4.82 + 1.68 tax = $6.50 oop


Cheap&Sweet said...

You are so awesome I can never do such great deals at kroger I seem to alway spend $30 or better if I step foot in that store.

Melissa said...

I just find the deals on the message boards and go with a list of only stuff that's almost free, free, or better than free.

Actually with my overage and the $3.50 OYNO I had, I had figured my total to be less than it was. Still not sure what I added up wrong or whatever, all the coupons were used, but oh well, can't hardly argue with $6.50 for all that I got.

Earthy Mama said...

Did the cashier override the bogo q? I've used them at three different Kroger and gotten the original $3.39 on them each time. Great deals!! I'm still jealous of the free bread- ours is a lot more expensive than that. :(

Melissa said...

I'm not sure if she over-rode it, or if it asked her to enter a price and she looked back and saw it rang up $1.49. I can't exactly remember, but it seems like it beeped...or maybe I just think that happened because that was what I was expecting to happen.

Well I wish I could give you the bread price.
I couldn't end up with 28 coupons for something we acutally like, or that gave some killer overage? Noooo, it had to be healthy bread. lol