Sunday, March 21, 2010


Because I was there anyway, I stopped in at Target.

I couldn't find an Airwick deal.

This Target did have the Buy (2) Get (1) Free Ore-Ida deal, and they were priced $2.44 and $2.50 each. I got (6) bags and used (4) $1.50 blinkie coupons. I don't know if I could have used (6) coupons, and probably wouldn't have tried it anyway because I have a bad enough time shopping at Target as it is.

Which is the reason I didn't do the Gillette 0.5oz Clinical deodorant and free body wash deal. The deodorants were located in the Travel/Trial ection at this store, so if I had needed to argue it, and they went and looked, I'd have been SOL.

I did find (3) Kid's Crest priced $1.49 each...used $1.00 Target coupon and $0.50 MQ from one of the inserts.

The bandaids were $1.77 per box...used $1.00 Target coupon and $1.00 Bandaid MQ from one of the inserts.
These and my Princess and the Frog DVD qualify for a $5.00 MIR. Apparently I need Disney Band-Aids for the rebate. Oh well, these were free w/overage anyway.

Lightbulbs were $2.14 each...used $1.50 Target coupon and $1.00 MQ from insert.

I bought the bottled Coke for $1.00 in the Dollar Spot because it has Final Four 2010 printed on the bottle and I sort of have a collection of Event Bottled Cokes....okay I have a large collection of Event Bottled Cokes, but I didn't mean to start collecting them, and am trying to stop collecting. Failed at that today.

I'm tired tonight but if anyone needs links/dates to any of the coupons, holla.

Value of items $28.17
Spent $4.36 from Target Gift Card


Cheap&Sweet said...

That is awesome I went today and got the full size monapoly ($7) -$5 off coupon =$2 they had the same deal of connect 4 but they were out I got a rain check! I found some toys 75% off I bought some for B-days and Christmas.

Melissa said...

Sounds like you got some good deals!
Too bad...or I'm glad...I don't have to buy toys for gifts anymore. I did look for some clearance clothes, my oldest son is always needing clothes, but they didn't have any/much good clearance. I think the biggest they had was 30% off.