Wednesday, March 31, 2010




Earthy Mama said...

oh dear. This looks like the results when I try to shop at the Target here in Clarksville on a bad day (there are a couple of good cashiers, but they are few and far between).

What happened?

Cheap&Sweet said...

This can not be good! Im sorry you had a bad trip.

Melissa said...

1. Couldn't use my $1.00 Bandaid MQ on Disney Princess Bandaids because the coupon is for "Bandaid brand", and I got "Princess brand". They are Bandaid brand. "It has to be flexible fabric bandaids". Where does it say that? It says ANY Bandaid product. "I'll have to call and ask."

2. Can't use $5 Monopoly game IP MQ because it's "Only for the Board Game". It doesn't specify that it's only for the board game. "It's what's pictured".

3. Can't use the GE Reveal Lightbulbs MQ with the TQ because it says "Can't be used with any other offer and this (waves Target coupon) IS the other offer".

4. After accepting my $5 DVD IP MQ, I'm informed they cannot accept my $4 Connect 4x4 IP MQ because they "Can only take coupons printed from their website".

This was BEYOND a bad shop. Playing the some/lose some is one thing...this was pure ridiculousness.

Earthy Mama said...

I hope you looked at them and told them they were insane if they thought they knew what they were doing. Did you call corporate about that one??

Melissa said...

I used an "I" word but it wasn't "insane", lol.

I called Corp. there, but after pressing this number and that number and hanging up and trying again I finally reached India, I guess. I couldn't understand the guy, he probably couldn't understand my twang. He put me on hold forever, so I decided I'd just come home and email them.